In Complete Contrast

Today there are no pots of Sunshine or chairs framing Love.

Today there is rain.

And impatience.

Today, I am grateful to be piling into the car and out the door, on time, for storytime at the library, until Bal points out Kaya’s unruly, unbrushed hair. And I smell Brennyn’s bum, which I had literally just changed 5 minutes before. Out of the seatbelts, into the house, for diaper changes and hair brushes.

Don’t tell Bal, but I had forgot to brush my hair too. And I forgot on round two too.

I did remember to brush my teeth.

But not the girls.

We still make it to Storytime on time. Only it seems neither of the girls want to be here today. Both battle for sitting on my lap while steadfastly refusing to participate in song or motion.

After I have been squirmed, squished and pinched upon, I can take it no longer and push both girls off.

Brennyn screams.

Kaya stands there, arms folded, brow furrowed and glares at Kate our fearless reader-leader. I do nothing, just grateful it is not me getting the brunt of the stare-down.

Eventually Kate’s singing prowess (okay, it’s actually just that the Zoom, Zoom song is that powerful) wins them over and the last 15 minutes is full of fun and cooperation.

Until it is done. And it is now downpouring. Since I’m leaving the house without brushed hair and teeth, you would be correct in assuming I also left the house without rain jackets. Oh okay, I confess, with nary a jacket of any sort.

Give me a break though, they do have rain boots! Because they are easy to slip on and off their feet mind you, not because of me taking any note of the weather.

In the car, with a crying, starving Brennyn, I am focused on racing home to whip up a quick lunch. Until Kaya reminds me that I PROMISED to go look at Halloween stuff after the library. Crap. I did promise her that.

Promise or food, promise or food… A compromise instead. Well, more opting out of preparing lunch as two kids cry at my feet than compromising actually.

We stop at Tim Horton’s for lunch.

This was NOT a good idea.

It is busy. Brennyn is impatient. Eventually we get our food and sit down. Only to be inundated by, akkkk, a busload of TEENAGERS. Nooooooooo!!!! They are loud. They think ordering Kids Meals is rebellious which it is not but now I have to explain to Kaya why they got a toy and she did not. They do not think babies are cute. Especially ones that take one look at your floppy purple hat, neon green hightops and foul mouth and scream in terror.

Turning Brennyn’s highchair away, I distract her with my keys. Whatever works.

Until she throws them on the floor and I take them away and she screams some more.

Whereby I, mother-extraordinaire, scoop up some yogurt and berries in an over-sized soup spoon, overload it, and shove it in her screaming mouth to SHUT HER UP.

It works!

She is quiet! But not before I am totally busted.

By a granny.

Who I thought was going to give me a dirty look, but just smiled at me, knowingly.

And approvingly I might add.

By this point I am done.

But a promise is a promise.

So back to the car we go. Clutching my almost full, now luke-warm coffee, that I didn’t manage to drink while busy being ‘that’ mom.

Buckle the two kids in. Run back to the restaurant to retrieve a fallen off boot. Run back to the car while making a direct hit in a puddle (I am not wearing my rain boots) and drive away.

When I hear my coffee, oh my precious, greatly needed beacon of strength and will, falling off the roof of the car.

Where I had set it while buckling seatbelts.

Everybody with me now…


To Walmart we go.

Where I do not trust that Kaya really wants to be Percy so refuse to buy her the costume.

Then refuse to buy her glittery face paint because she insists she’s going to be a Princess.

Then refuse to buy her the Spidey candy bag because she really wants to be Spiderman.

In the meantime, Brennyn is taking every piece of scary-ass Halloween item she can find, and either scaring her sister with it, or leaving it in the middle of the aisle.

All my will can manage is gently kicking said items to the side of the aisle.

I am so obnoxious.

Knowing this, we head home.

Then pile into bed to read the library books chosen.

Brennyn sits on every book I try to read.

Kaya screams at her to get out of the way.

I laugh, that maniacal, over-the-top, CRAZY laugh that could all too easily turn into a hysterical cry.

Only the girls sense this, so they giggle. A Halloween sort-of-scared but sort-of-fun giggle that turns my CRAZY into a giggle too.

Then we are just 3 girls, in bed on a rainy day, rolling and giggling and loving.

That’s more like it.



One thought on “In Complete Contrast

  1. Wack, wack, wack! You just took those blows!
    I couldn’t even hold back the loud and empathetic “Ohhhhhh nooooooo!” when I got to the part about the coffee falling off he car!
    A great read! So glad that all things turned around in the comfort of your home!

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