I am trying to write Kaya’s 4 year letter but am blocked. Not because there is not tons to say, but because I have no energy. Long story but tooth pulled, extreme pain and headaches, infection, antibiotics, seemingly ineffective antibiotics, suspected worsened infection. Amazing what a toll it takes on the body. I am physically spent. Had a drooling nap yesterday when Bal got off work and took the girls to the pool. Would like to lay in bed all day today too. Haven’t felt like this since early pregnancy days. Ugh. Just made an another appointment with the dentist so hopefully we can resolve it. Soon!

In the meantime, a simple post to lift my spirits. Here, a few things that put a smile on my face. Always.


Climbing kid bums

Hometown fall scene

Autumn colours

Brennyn walking off, without once looking back, but with security blanket in hand, towards the sound of big sis playing at the playground just a trail through the woods away!

This is Brennyn. So very Brennyn…

My little gymnast. A little slow. A little tentative. But doing it! And doing me so very proud.

Picnics at the ocean (or lake or river or backyard)

Where I live

Ah yes, thank you self. I am feeling much better now! Now onto the dentist!


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