Princess Party

So grown up in her party dress Lola got her from the Philippines!

“Mom, am I four now?”


“But…” looking confused as she peers up the height of me, “But I’m not high enough!”

And there you have it. Kaya’s first lesson in birthday let downs.

That was the only let down mind you. (Well, besides the weather. Arg!)

The girl is into princesses and boy was it a princessy birthday. I am definitely one of those mom’s who does not look forward to all things pink and princessy. I do not like Cinderella marrying the prince to live happily ever after. I do not like Ariel leaving her family for a man. I do not like the Prince saving the day to wake up Sleeping Beauty.

But I have had an epiphany of sorts through my daughters princessy stage. Having never watched Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or most other princess shows, I realize it is not the stories of them she adores. It is the glitter. The sparkle and spinning and colours. We are starting to read books about them when it occurs to me, I am her model, not these stories. So when reading them, I may omit a line here or there and then put my energy on the adventurous parts. I focus on Ariel’s travels, Cinderella’s hard work, Snow White’s compassion. I point out their bravery and exploring and love. We do not invest any time in the happily ever afters to be quite honest. Unless it’s on our own terms.

So I am more comfortable with raising a princess now. Because I know, and so too does she, that being a princess means being strong, independent, adventurous and fun. It means being beautiful inside first. It means sharing and being kind and giving.

Okay yes, according to Kaya, while wearing highheels. Sigh. Hmmm, so I haven’t accepted this princess stuff entirely. What is it about high heels and four year old girls?

But you know what? When we wake up this morning, the day after her party, she comes up to me out of nowhere, gives me a huge hug (this is rare from Kaya), and says “Thank you for the party and the cake mommy! That was the best birthday EVER!” After that, nothing else matters. She is happy. So too am I.

Which is why I made her this cake.

But needed this glass of wine to do so!
She obviously loved it. Today she asked me if I would make her this cake again for her 5th birthday. I’m hoping she has moved on by then, but I confess, if she wants it, I will provide.

Brennyn liked the cake too. Only in another way.

The party was okay. It rained so the bouncy castle was out. Four-year-olds do not have a lot of patience for games so my ‘Pin the parts on the Birthday Monster’ did not go over very well until I let it be a free-for-all. Then it was fun. Which made for a perfectly hilarious monster, the goal in the first place. Musical mats bombed but there wasn’t much room or attention spans to work with. So while the party was not what I had envisioned, Kaya says it was the best party ever and on this day, she’s the boss. Besides, a gaggle of giggling preschoolers can’t be wrong!

Then as the company left, we settled into checking out new toys and having some quiet play.
I just love this. The Birthday Girl Kaya as Cinderella driving her truck loaded with highheels loaded with princesses. When I asked about Spiderman driving, she informs me that “No mommy, the driver is driving! Spidey is just hanging on tightly.”

But perhaps my favourite time of the day was this. My two girls dancing. And giggling.

Just another day then.

We are one fortunate family.


3 thoughts on “Princess Party

  1. So awesome!
    I bet that hug from Kaya totally makes up for that “less than content” ending to your fairy picnic at the lake this past summer. So awesome! Yay for you. Bummed that we missed all the fun!
    Happy Birthday Kaya!

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