Zoology 101

On our way to the grandparents, we break up the trip with a stop at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. We have been promising Kaya a trip to the Zoo all year so here we are. It’s raining but we’re wetcoasters, we can handle it. Or you would think so.

It takes about 3.5 seconds for the first whine to occur. It takes about .03 seconds after that to decide paying $17 for a bike, for one hour, is worth it. We were right. In fact, this bike became the highlight of the Zoo. No, not tigers or giraffes or hippopotamuses (hippopotomai?) A bike. Not just for the kids either. Mom and Dad enjoy offroading and turning on a dime in random places. You’re not supposed to, but we’re rebels. Totally.

When Mommy and Daddy’s quads are sore (5 minutes in), we even manage to get the troops off their butts. No easy task, I can assure you. Something along the lines of a Giraffe limboing at the Hippos house.

While waiting for the Zoologist (or Zooper Pooper Scooper Person- whatever) to distribute food for the Grizzly bear, we play ‘Round and Round the Garden, Goes the Grizzly Bear’ or maybe it is tag. Or maybe we are titillating the bear with a little human pole dancing. Rubber boots are so hot to the bear species. Regardless the purpose, we pass the time.So too does the bear.

Which makes Brenny jumpy. Or jealous. Yah, probably jealous. The girl loves her balls.

We see camels,

and Moose. I have a better picture of the moose but this one shows off her high-heels. Kaya insists “They ARE high heels mom and dad!”

At the end of the hour, Brennyn is exhausted. It’s really hard work sitting like a lump while eating snacks and pointing at gorgeous creatures from around the world. A good time was had by all. Kaya tells us her favourite were the giraffes. Brennyn pointed and grunted most at the tiger. Bal likes animals that pace looking for any opportunity to attack (Arctic Wolf, Coyote, Jaguar) and me, I like the hippos. What can I tell you? I feel a bond.

At Gammy and Gampa’s house, Kaya draws our family. On the front is Daddy and Kaya.

Daddy and Kaya as Moose!

On the back, Mommy and Brennyn.

Mommy and Brennyn as Camels!

We are one damn fine looking family y’all.

(Can’t tell you why I turned country there. It just felt right yo.)


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