Grandparent Lovin’

If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I’d have had them first.  ~Lois Wyse

This quote reminds me of a moment this past weekend of Kaya and her Gammy. I am in the living room vegging out when I hear Kaya run up to Gammy in the kitchen, “Gammy, I’m hungry!”

“Do you want another marshmallow?” she says in all seriousness. Not even contemplating that a marshmallow snack is perhaps not the healthiest or most filling option.


Kaya, I imagine, is trying to figure out if she’s serious.

“No…” she replies tentatively because being offered another marshmallow, not as a treat but as a snack has to be a trick. Doesn’t it?

“Are you sure?” Gammy encourages.

I can’t do it. I can not keep my mouth shut.

“Give her a bowl of cereal mom!”

Which I guess is what she does since I do not get a reply. Though I have no doubt it was totally topped with a marshmallow.

Yesterday we got home from Gammy and Gampa’s house after a 7.5 hour drive. Bal and I sink into the couch, unpacking nothing, just thankful to be home. All the while, Kaya is whining, “I miss Gammy and Gampa so much…”

I include this only so they melt. For I require weekend babysitters really soon!

But you know what? If I were the girls, I’d miss having them around 24/7 too. Where else can you:

Drive a Backhoe with Gampa?

And steer and lift and dump the shovel all by yourself! (Well, maybe with slight guidance)

Or take Mommy and Gammy out for a cruise in a golf cart? No bother that she abruptly abandons steering at any given moment. Or beelines it straight for trucks and trees without a care in the world.Where else can you decorate your own (early) birthday cake? With dinosaur sprinkles and Gammy’s homemade icing (haha!) no less.

Or play drive-thru/house/swing/castle with complete, undivided attention to your every whim and desire?

Or when it all gets to be a bit overwhelming, who else will let you nap on them? Sacrificing comfort, itches or movement in order to simply lull you.

And love you.

And when grouchiness calls (aka- hunger), Gammy’s know,

if you can’t beat em’, join em’.

And though I was dying to take a beautiful, smiling portrait shot of my mom and my daughter amongst the gorgeous fall leaves, it turns out that this may be


So yes, driving 7-9 hours like this,

with Kaya playing games on my phone, Riley stinking, Brennyn throwing the DVD player about, then screaming when it’s out of her reach, is still worth the trip.

So too, will me carting 2 kids, car seats, suitcases, diaper bags on a plane, by myself, to go see another set of grandparents in October.

Because there is nothing quite like the love of a grandparent.

Even if they won’t change a damn diaper now and then.


4 thoughts on “Grandparent Lovin’

  1. Most favourite picture ever because there is a hint of YOUR DNA in that face of Kaya’s! Easy to see with your mom sitting there too!
    LOVE the photo of Riley’s tongue! THAT is a memory captured well!

  2. THANKS sooo Much!!! for posting that lovely picture of Kaya and I. But didn’t we have fun in the sun this weekend! Oh and I did not put a marshmallow on her cereal!! Though if she would have asked……

  3. Yes Mom, it was a fabulous weekend! And the sunny summer weather continues here!

    Oh, and I love that picture in all seriousness.

    And don’t you find it hilarious that Kristin sees our DNA in Kaya only when she’s making that kinda face? 😉 Hilarious! And sad, because it’s so true!!

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