Chalk Around the Block

The iheartfaces theme this week is Chalk. I’m not certain this picture counts since it does not have any real live faces in the picture, but I can’t help myself, I adore these chalk faces!

Chalk has a nostalgic feel to it doesn’t it? It reminds us of lounged days in the sun and silly play dates.

Chalk makes me think of:

My surly Grade 6 teacher whose hands were always coated in white chalk.

Hopscotch giggling.

Hopscotch as intense competition (fierce I tell you!)

Chalkboard scratching. Ahh, goosebumps even typing about it.

Practicing the alphabet- upper and lower case. Then later, longhand.

Hoping for a nutritional element as Brennyn eats a mouthful of rainbow. Sigh.

Blaming the uneven pavement for my pathetic ‘art’.

Wondering if the bad chalkmenship around the neighborhood is done by parent or kid. Hoping for parent so I don’t feel so inept.

Especially since my neighbors, who share our ‘driveway’, are indeed artists and come up with the most elaborate chalk art for their daughter. Unicorns and alligators and galloping horses. Right beside my rainbow and stickmen. But that’s cool. I make Kaya spell her name so they all think it is her ‘art’. That’s how I roll.

And finally, I think about the above picture. On one of those glorious travel days in which there is no itinerary but wandering the streets (not all who wander are lost), we happen upon a street festival in San Francisco.

Amidst flying pizza dough and an orchestra about to play, there is a church celebrating Feast Day of St. Francis where pets get a special blessing. Many of these blessed animals then run straight for the artists. Chalk artists. Who are none too pleased to see four-legged creatures looking to mark their territory. Peace is restored when the animals spot a big grassy field to mark and the artists continue their work.

Of all the works of art, these faces beckoned me. Watching the cold, gray pavement turn into these flowing facial features was an inspiring, if not jovial scene. What a job eh? To create such stunning pieces that disappears with rain or hoses or urine.

There is a misty rain outside my window now. Not quite chalk art weather. Though it does make a marvelous clean slate for the next time.

I may even be inspired enough to attempt something more elaborate than a stick man.

Or not. More likely, I will just invite our neighbors out to play instead…


7 thoughts on “Chalk Around the Block

    • I was wondering if I was confusing grades. No, though it could just as easily be him. I was thinking of… Oh crikies, what’s his name now? Mr. Karl? That doesn’t seem right. I can picture his classroom and doing one mortifying gym class with him. I think he did drama and stuff too.

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