On The Road Again

Wow. So Thursday I write a post about my magical day with my girls. I schedule it for Friday since we’re heading out on a 6 hour road trip that usually turns into 7.5 hours with 2 kids. This time it turns into 8.5. Ugh…

I arrive at my mom’s exhausted. But still with enough energy to check Facebook and emails. And there I see it. A lot of hits on my blog. Like, a lot. I have no idea what happened but quickly learn I was Freshly Pressed. Very cool! Thank you to all who came and to all who came back and are reading me now!

So I am glad I blogged on Thursday. Instead of packing, organizing, preparing for our trip…

Not having baby spoons, bibs, enough snacks, diapers or wipes now seems justifiable. Seriously, I do not know what I was doing preparing for our long weekend away. Oh wait, blogging, watching new TV and ignoring my headache by laying motionless in a dark room, that’s what. Oops.

I’m at my mom’s now. Does anybody else go into Zombie mode at your parents house? Gammy and Gampa are happy to feed them, bathe them, play with them. And this just makes me go into a Lazy Zone.

So for today, that is all. I really need to pack up our stuff that has taken over their house. I really need to psyche myself up for tomorrow’s drive.

Oh god, tomorrow’s drive…

With no iTrip thingamajiggy. Because I forgot that too.

Do you know how much time there is between radio stations? And when you do find one, it’s in Hickville and the first song you hear on the radio is

Nananananana… THUNDER!

Now we’re shaking at the knees
Could I come again please.
Thunderstruck, thunderstruck
Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck
Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah”

And playing on the personal DVD player in the back at the exact same time?

R-E-C-Y-C-L-E; recycle, recycle with me,

R-E-C-Y-C-L-E, recycle with me

Imagination’s all it takes

Recycle; recycle with me

Imagine what we will create?

Recycle and you will see…

ACDC and Bobs and Lolo together. At last. Or for the last time. Hopefully… HORRIBLE.

I’m sitting there watching Bal re-live his small town head banging days (oh my god, I just flashed to his mushroom hair-doo!) and listening to Bob & Lolo sing for the KABILLIONTH time in a row. KABILLION! I swear.

I need to stop blogging. The reminders are giving me heart palpitations. Another road trip…

In a too small Elantra. With 2 kids in car seats and a dog squished between. All of whom have bad breath.

No pretty pictures today I am afraid. But isn’t that so a mom’s life? From magical moments to mundane ones.

To mayhem ones.

But that’s for tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Oh no! We were thinking that making our fourth album an ACDC tribute project for kids was going to be GOLD!? 😉

    Someone forwarded your post to us thinking we’d have a laugh…and we did!!

    Also, happy to learn that your kidlets enjoy our DVD – even if you do have to endure it a kabillion times over!

  2. Bobs & Lolo! It feels like Bono or Chris Martin just personally messaged me! Okay, maybe not quite like that… 😉

    But my almost 4 year old thinks it’s pretty cool. Today I am a much cooler mamma than I was yesterday that’s for sure.

    The thought of the 2-5 year old set head banging to Bob & Lolo makes me smile. I’d totally pay to see that- LOL!

    Glad you had a laugh and thank you for your fabulous tunes! Even if I do have to listen to them way too often for my sanity…

    Now can I put in a request for you to make a new DVD?! At least I’d have more choices to listen to on our roadtrips.

  3. Thank you for the nomination Shannon! I just got back from our too long drive, need to feed the kids, play, bathe, bed them and then I will be back to go through all the fabulous comments and referrals! I look forward to a cup of tea and some great reading!!

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