Love and Strength

I have had a headache for ten straight days.

Since my tooth was pulled.

This is probably not normal. I should visit my dentist and ask some questions, but I am of the mindset that dentists are evil.

Too bad about my sister possibly becoming one. She is one of the sweetest, most soft-spoken people I know. And, apparently, oozing EVIL way down deep.

Anyways, this post was going to go on about my pain, the dilemma’s of medicating oneself and just a good ol’ bitch-fest. But then I found out a friend of mine is going in for surgery today.

Brain surgery.

She has endured multiple surgeries, loss of vision, extreme migraines and numerous other ailments for years now. Years.

If she could, I have no doubt that she would tell me to shutup about my headache that goes away with a couple advil here, a couple tylenol there. She’d tell me to hug my girls and appreciate all that I have. All that she has not been able to have through all the struggles and pain she has undergone.

And if she wouldn’t say such things, she should.

So instead of bitching about my tooth and the rain, today I sit here full of gratitude and warmth at how blessed I am.

Lisa, I am sending you all of that positivity and strength you reminded me I have. You have been a big supporter of me and my writing and blog, so I write this to you in thanks, with love, encased in a gigantic hug.

Kind of like this one.

Oh how you would love this picture. You would be the first to comment on it if you could, but since you can't right now, all that cuteness and cuddling and loving is just for you!

Be strong my friend.



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