The lovely iheartfaces theme of the week is ‘Smirk’. Oh how I love that word. The action too. And doesn’t my title just scream for a Dr. Seuss inspired story? Hmm, Let me work on that…

In the mean time, oh how I adore this picture of Kaya with her look of trying-not-to-look-too-delighted-but-is-delighted because how can you not be when you’re rolling around in plush grass after a walk along the ocean at Fort Casey.

Ah yes, there is yet another thing to miss about summer. Rolling in fresh-cut green grass.

Down a hill.

Getting dizzy.

Standing up.

Falling down.


But that’s okay, we’ll replace it with newly fallen, fluffy snow and the rest is the same.

Especially the laughter.

Or smirks as the case may be 😉

(Is there such a thing as a smirky emoticon? A winking one shall have to suffice.)


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