A Process

Yesterday was a bad day.

I had a tooth pulled. It was a difficult extraction. Which meant it was longer and more involved than normal. Which meant more pain.

I had a slow, pissy pharmacist. By the end of my wait, the freezing had worn off, I was in pain, Brennyn was hungry and the bitchy pharmacist warned me of constipation.

I could not eat.

I was hungry.

And grouchy.

After 4 hours the Tylenol 3 magic had faded so I take two more.

Only I have not eaten anything since peanut butter toast that morning.

Now I am dizzy. And nauseous. And weak.

And sore and hungry and grouchier.

But I force myself to take a deep breath and be grateful.

Bal is off work and can take Brennyn.

He goes to buy me some scrumptious soup.

(My brain is pissy that it is not the Split Pea that I was craving but I remind myself to remain grateful anyhow.)

Brennyn gives me a big slobbery kiss of love.

Kaya comes home from daycare and gives me a hug.

Then runs away and runs back with a bracelet.

To make me feel better.

I get some water to hydrate me and avoid constipation.

Water with a curly pink straw is so much more fun.

Oprah makes me cry.

A design show makes me cry.

Some strange sci-fi makes me cry.

Parenthood makes me cry.

The TV show.

Parenthood makes me cry.

The real life kind.

I consider that I could never become a drug addict if T3’s work only to make me nauseous and cry.

But the crying felt good.

Brennyn has a cold and will not sleep.

But I am out of commission.

So Bal gets up with her all night.

I wake up this morning renewed.

With energy.

With gratitude.

Today is a good day.


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