Vroom Vroom!

Tractor Play

iheartfaces theme this week is VroomVroom! Kaya is playing on her Great Grampa’s retired tractor in all its dirty, gloriously messy, fun! This picture captures the beginning. Her slight tentativeness but pride too. Such a small girl on an imposing tractor.

Before long though, she explores. Pressing buttons and pulling gears, going nowhere but going everywhere imaginable- fields of hay outlined by rainbows, vast landscapes of snow outlined by rainbows, under the sea reflecting rainbows. You see, my girl loves a good rainbow. On a tractor makes it all the better.

With fingers turned black, clothes stained, and a bum caked in gritty, greasy dirt, I help her down noticing only her face. A smiley (slightly greasy) face of wonder.


Brennyn is not yet talking but she loves to make noises. Grunts especially but a close second is her ‘Vroom, Vroom!’ with cars all over the house. She seems slightly delayed in her speech, but since she knows precisely what we’re talking about at all times, and manages to make herself very clear when she needs something, I am not at all worried. Still, I continue to teach her new words fully expecting that once she starts, we will not be able to shut her up. Ever.

Lately, we’ve been learning body parts. “Where’s Mommy’s nose?” I encourage. She looks at me with her squinty lil eyes and squintier nose, knowing what I want her to do but not wanting to do so. “Where’s Mommy’s nose? Where’s Brennyn’s nose? Where’s Riley’s nose?” Nothing.

I decide to try a new tactic. “HONK!” I blurt.

She grabs my nose. Then her own. Points at Riley’s. And giggles.

The girl is good at her sound effects!


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