Staying in the Moment- The Laundry Moment

This time of year is more New Yearsy than New Years don’t you think? New clothes. Fresh starts. A heightened energy.

Even for me who has not done this ‘back to school’ thing since college, 1996 and who does not yet have kids on their way. I suppose it is conditioned in us after twenty some years of that same nervous exhilaration at this time of year. With cooler air and warmer clothes, we march off to school, determined to make it a better year than the one before.

I guess it is that energy that has me in mass organization mode. Rearranging the girls play area (errr, corner nook rather) but more importantly, getting the computer in order. Organizing all my folders and bookmarks was in dire need for all the mass confusion and frustration it was bringing me everyday. That is done and I feel, I don’t know, lighter? Calmer certainly.

But just when you think calm is the order of the day, you decide to organize the clothes. Boxes, drawers, rooms of clothes. Seriously people, is it just me, or do you often feel like the pittance-paid slave of an assembly line clothing factory? I do not mind laundry so much. But sorting the girls clothing out is getting to be a bit much. And re-sorting after Bal thinks he’s sorted is just plain ol’ sending me over the edge.

We have Kaya’s 8-drawer dresser and Brennyn’s 6-drawer dresser. We have a diaper box of Will-Be-B’s Box (okay, like 4 of them). We have Kaya’s Will-Still-Fit-(Maybe)-Next-Season Box. We have clothes-to-donate box and we have the (too full) can’t-bare-to-part-with box.

All of it being worn, washed, (repeat endlessly), rotated, and tossed (not folded) into corresponding boxes.

Tell me parents of two or more, especially of the same-sex child, is this what the next 15 years of my life will be?

If I were religious I may plea “Oh Lord have mercy child!” If I were Buddhist a simple “Ommm…” may be in order.

Instead I will do as the wise sages of motherhood have done through the tests of time.

I will drink wine.


Which is, in all honesty, a total crock of shit. I can’t afford wine. So to keep it real, I will do as the silly, techno-freaky mamma’s of today do.

I will blog.


One thought on “Staying in the Moment- The Laundry Moment

  1. Perfect.
    I couldn’t agree more. Tis the season to swap out “baby toys” and pull the 6 tupperware bins of clothes out of storage for another round of the shuffle. In and out of closets, in and out of boxes. CRAZY! And don’t even get me started on the computer clean up! Somehow I have to have a minimum of 10gigs free on my computer before I start school in October…right now, its looking like 5.09G and its been 1 month of me sorting, deleting, uploading and transferring already. Almost there.
    Tis the season. I don’t have wine, but I’ve got a couple beer…just waiting for 5pm…..
    I am in that moment with you…almost exactly that moment!
    Good luck!

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