Sign Me Up

Do you ever have the feeling the Universe is trying to tell you something? Like suddenly everywhere you look there are signs pointing you in a certain direction.

Maybe you’ve had an insight, then suddenly a book gets presented to you that supports this new thinking. Or a telling quote arrives in your inbox. Or a friend remarks on the same thing.

Another day it may be a desire for coffee. Then you see the Bean Around the World truck go by. Or a friend rings up suggesting you head there. Or you see an american license plate. Ummm, okay, that last one is a stretch I suppose. But when a girl needs an Americano, she’ll take any sign as a sign alright.

Anyways, my point being, I notice signs. They guide me.

So when I am walking home from the festival ‘philosophizing nestled in the nook of the mountains’ as the Mother, Mother singer suggested, I am taken aback when I see this:

Damn. Here I thought my life was totally on track. I mean, besides being broke as hell, life is good. Money will come. Right now I’m soaking up these years, these moments, with my girls. What the hell? If this isn’t a sign, I mean obviously it’s a sign, but a sign, I don’t know what is.

So I am relieved when shortly after this picture is taken and I am pondering other routes, a text comes from Bal.

“You make it home yet?”

Not yet, so I forward him the sign with a ‘Nooo…’

He responds in text form hilarious laughing. We have a history of making fun of my complete lack of directional skills. I get lost. A lot.

So since his text came in that moment, I decide it’s a sign. The sign offered a sign to make more of those silly moments happen. Or maybe a sign that getting my iPhone was the right thing to do. I mean it offered me the opportunity to send the pic and it has GPS. Win, win.

Okay yes, I may get lost now and then, but show me a sign (either kind) and I’ll totally find my way. Totally.


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