Can You Hear the Music?

Our little town held an incredible music festival this past weekend and we were fortunate enough to partake in the fun. ‘Delicious Mix’ keeps rolling through my head to describe the festivities. A perfect combination of family time with couple time with hangin-with-friends time.

An experience with entirely different kinds of music, co-existing and celebrating each other.

Varying people- clubbers, families, rockers, swayers, partiers- sharing their love of music, maybe differently, but together. That is such a beautiful thing.

The joy of listening to bands I love (Mother, Mother, Tokyo Police Club, Matthew Good) live, joined with the satisfaction of discovering new bands (Civil Twilight, Jon & Roy, Kate Morgan.) Nothing better than falling in love with a new artist you heard for the first time live.

Nothing like live music in the first place. You don’t just hear the music, you feel it. It flows into your ears but also your toes. Then moves up, rhythmically, through your body, until you feel it moving in unison with your heart, everything feeling more impassioned, more alive. For that flow, that energy, is connecting with everyone around you and that, combined with the smells of earth and grass (both kinds), sweat, perfumes and booze meld together into one big ambiance that can never be described fully. Just felt. Wholly.

At times throughout the weekend, Bal and I are alone, savouring the tunes. At other times the girls and my mom are with us so we play and explore, kid-style, with music as our back drop. And yet other times are with friends, often in the beer garden, enjoying time without kids, reminiscing old memories, laughing hysterically at new ones (the story is not at all funny to tell but trust me when I say ‘meatball’ will forever ignite gales of laughter from that crew)

It was a beautiful little festival (that was not really so little) in our stunning little town and I just feel so entirely grateful to have experienced it.

First view when walking into mainstage area. Stunning.

A Beer Garden view!

Both girls loved the atmosphere. Kaya felt so grown-up wearing her wristband, listening to 'reawy loud music!', and marvelling at the very 'pretty' burlesque attire abounding. Brennyn just bopped up and down and clapped on cue constantly.

She was speechless at these funny looking creatures. Probably wondering why mamma doesn't dress up in such cool costumes...

Scary-ass Sasquatch mascot

Balls are fun!

I just realized all the pics are of the girls. Of the 2 day festival, they were with us for 2 hours on one day. Yet those are all my pictures. I was far too busy with beer to take photos otherwise. However, I did snap DJ Buddha in the beer garden!


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