Kaya Wise-Ya

Five minutes before leaving for the Dentist, “Mamma, do we have to take all our clothes off at the Dentist?”

After being told no, just open your mouth, she was golden. Dentists are easy. And they give you Princess toothbrushes, strawberry floss, My Little Pony Stickers and a set of horses! She let them do a thorough clean, with no protests at all. Just be sure to keep on Treehouse in the roof. Dear god what did Dentists do before TV’s in ceilings?!


As I am headed to the city for a day of shopping ALONE, Kaya waves goodbye and giggles “Bye Mamma! Have fun shopping for noses!”

Ummm, okay… Do you think she’s trying to tell me something. Like maybe I need to find myself a flatter, cuter, buttony style nose more like hers. And her sisters. And her Daddy’s.

So of course while I am shopping ALONE, I end up shopping for THEM. Sigh. In the toy store paying for some birthday presents, there just happens to be clown noses for purchase. $1.99 is so worth a giggle out of my girl.

Upon arriving home, Kaya is just stirring after a long nap. If you have ever seen Kaya upon waking from a nap, if you have ever seen me waking from a nap, you would marvel at our sudden similarity in appearance. disheveled. Grumpy. Zoned out. It takes at least 30 minutes to get a ‘hello’ out of her nevermind a smile.

Usually we do not push her into any communication during this half hour window, but I can not resist. She stumbles out of her bedroom, looking spacy and miserable. And I quickly put on my clown nose and wave, “Hi Kaya! I had a great time shopping for noses! What do you think?”

Miracle of miracles, the girl full-out laughs. Then runs over for a hug (and a HONK!)


“How old are you Mamma?”

“Ummm… I don’t know… Let me think for a second… Am I 34 or 35 this year? Ummm….”

“I think you are 60!”

Thanks kid.


“Mamma… Everything rhymes with Poo!”

Said out of nowhere, with no rhyming before or after, no potty breaks either. Just blurted out as though she has had an epiphany. Or epiphapoo… (Groan)


Kaya and Daddy are on a Very Special Daddy Daughter Date at the PNE fair today. Before leaving, she was worried about Little Miss B. and just what exactly I was going to do today to keep her busy. I inform her that I will go for a walk and take Brenny to the park.

“Okay! Mom (this time Mom. In her serious, listen up voice), you have to do like Daddy and go through the tunnel. Brenn-eyes likes that! Not walk around to the other side. Through the tunnel. Even it is squishy.”

Okay then parenting coach, I will go through the tunnel. Like Daddy. (No vehemence with which I utter that. Honest…) But just in case I had not quite caught on,

“I repeat. Go through the tunnel!”

Okay, she didn’t say ‘I repeat’. But she would have if she knew the expression.

I think I’ll take Brenny to Starbucks instead.


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