Summer Still

Waking up this morning, my first thought was shock that it was after 7am. A sleep in! My second thought was how unbelievable it is to be the last day of August. The third thought was how glorious the smell and sound of fresh, falling rain is when it is the first after a solidly sunny summer.

Rain on the last day of August then is a treat.

For we get to wear jeans after a season of skirts and capris. Better yet, we get to wear gumboots!

We get to lounge around. Me drinking coffee and reading satisfying non-fiction. Kaya watching toons. Brennyn snoozes for a full 90 minute nap, as the rain soothes and makes for hard dreamin.

Then Kaya and I finish up our wooden magic wand craft left abandoned and half finished from our Fairy Princess Picnic. Pink, purple, feathers and lots and lots of glitter glue are called for by Captain Princess Kaya (her designation) so that is exactly what we do. I have to admit, I’m not really feeling the crafting today. So I should say, that is exactly what she does. Today she does not even notice my absence as she knows what she wants and how to go about doing it. Instead I tidy. Then clean. Then decide we need to go out for lunch. Somewhere easy. Somewhere that does not mind sloppy puddles of wet from rain gear left strewn about. Tim Horton’s it is.

Sitting there with a coffee and the girls eating, I can’t help but smile. A big, goofy, what-could-that-lady-be-thinking smile. No hilarious event I can assure you. Just the greatness of girls with cream-cheese giggly faces. The chaos of rain gear taking over and too-big boots half-on causing hilarious toddly walking. The nonsensical gabbing of a girl going “Mommy, Daddy’s old! Heeheehee!” whereby I inquire what makes him old and she answers “Cuz he’s a Farmer’s Market! Heeheehee!” See, no sense and yet funny in its nonsensicalness. Kind of like that word.

Then I get what every mom loves to hear, a simple, unscripted, not even looking for it, Thank You. “Thank you for the Gum Boot Girlie Party and cream cheese bagels mommy!” You are so very welcome my love.

I’ve been hearing natterings of weather complaints all day but for us, armed in denim and gum boots, a day of rain in August is perfection.


2 thoughts on “Summer Still

  1. Oh, you are fast! I haven’t even downloaded my rainy day fun photos yet! Love this! I so wish that we could have joined you on some of that fun! Tim Horton’s is a great lunch idea! Jotting that one down for another rainy day! Your morning sounds just much mine, however my satisfying reading was facebook! ; )

  2. LOL! Yes, it was one of those days where they went down for a nap together, I had time so I snuck in an extra post 😉 I didn’t take any photos today but Bal snapped those two as we were headed out!

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