Working It Through

I’ve been following I Heart Faces for a while now but never submitted anything. This week’s theme is Photojournalism. Umm, hello? Could I pick a more difficult week to decide to participate?

But I remembered this photo, this man, immediately from our trip to San Francisco. I so wanted to know this man’s story then, just as I do now. At that time, I was still in the adrenaline joy of new motherhood and my heart pained for this man so seemingly stricken. But today I look at him and admire his ability to work through his ‘stuff’ so openly.

Out in public, I tend to mute my emotions. A silent laugh or held back tears or a mumbling of anger, when what I really want to do is snort laugh, full-out ugly cry or scream. Just a scream. To let the Earth know that really pissed me off. That would feel good.

And that, I think, is what this man is doing. Working it all through, ultimately, to feel good.


5 thoughts on “Working It Through

  1. Great capture. So much from it!
    And wow. Thanks for turning me onto i heart faces. I can’t get off the site.
    Good luck with your photo!

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