A Math Lesson

I finished up our Frizma family photo album for 2008 today. Yes, 2008. Just in time for the free shipping offer for August. Which means my book, full of 112 photos and 2 letters, totaled $34CAD including tax.

If I printed out 112 4X6 photos at Walmart, I would spend $22 plus tax. If I wanted decent photos with good colour quality at say London Drugs, 112 4X6 photos would cost me $44 plus tax. Add on at least $12 for a photo album.

Ordering an online book from Blurb is a no-brainer then. And more fun since you can add your own comments, have multi-sized photos and layouts, and add pretty colours.

Before catching on to this brilliant realization, I printed off about 100 photos. And bought 2 photo albums for the girls so they could flip through there very own photos. $40 later…

Ah well, next time. Lesson learned.

For now, I have finished 2008 and hope I can get to 2009 this fall. If all goes well, 2010 will come early in 2011 instead of 2 years later.

Yes, I am aware I have made fun of making a scrapbook every year until the girls go to college. But these are for me, for the family, and are much more compact than a full on scrapbook. I know because for Kaya’s first Christmas I made her this book:


Ah yes, it still makes me so happy!

This is the one I made for 2008. 2008 was dominated by my starting a business so I do not have a lot of journal entries or blogs about that time. I think my photography suffered too. But I love this album because it reminds me of all the beautifully simple moments we had, even in such a chaotic year.


I have to admit, it was very odd making a whole book with not one picture of Brennyn in it. It’s hard remembering a time without her! But then, oh what fun to go through all those photos of Kaya when she was two. Adorably scrumptious!

I’m excited to start 2009. Pregnancy photos. Baby photos. Our full family together photos. Bring it on!


2 thoughts on “A Math Lesson

  1. Wow …very cool Kari….I’m very intrigued…..I might just have to try Blurb myself. Did it take you very long to get it all done?

  2. Hey Val,
    It’s hard to judge how long it took. I did a little bit every night for a few weeks? There are tons of places to make these books now. London Drugs too I think… You can pretty much create your own right from scratch or you can choose a set layout and just insert your pictures and it’s done. So simple!!
    Blurb was one of the best I found and they ship easily to Canada so it’s perfect. I am so looking forward to receiving my book in the mail!!

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