Puffy, Welted & Worry

I am sitting here, torn. One of those Mommy moments where you feel like you should know what to do, but you don’t.

Bal woke up with Brennyn this morning and gave her a bottle then brought her upstairs and ran down to his office to start work. As Brenny walks up to me I start “Good Morning Bab… *GASP*”

Her eyes are swollen. Like really swollen and her big brown eyes, are now small slits of undisclosed colour because I can not see them. How did Bal not notice this? On the one hand I am annoyed at him. On the other I am thankful that he is that oblivious upon seeing morning nightmarish looks. One key to surviving as long as we have perhaps.

At any rate, I begin going through all the things she ate yesterday. Obviously she is having some sort of reaction. But she’s acting herself, airpipes don’t seem affected, tossing tupperware all over the kitchen floor as I trip and mumble profanities while making Kaya’s preschool lunch. A normal day then.

After breakfast we head upstairs to change. I take one arm out of her PJ’s and *GASP* again. Red, poofy welts cover her arms and chest. A few on her legs that Daddy also did not notice upon changing her bum earlier. She is a mess.

Worry, guilt, blaming, cuddles, love and worry some more occurs. The clinic is not open so I decide to put Brennyn down early for her morning nap while I take Kaya to daycare. I come back and she is up with Daddy. I think in his own guilt he pinched her awake so he could get in some extra lovins’!

Now a dilemma. Take her to the clinic and wait or let her nap and then go. My plan is to go over, put her name down, then knowing the wait times at that place, we could come back, nap, and be back in time to get in. But I lay Brenny down while I get all our stuff sorted, and she of course, falls asleep. She does not usually fall asleep that fast.

So I worry some more. Is she really sick? Is she breathing? Is she suffering?

Should I wake her up?

No, I should blog about it. Sigh.

And go check on her after every paragraph. (Note the very small paragraphs.)

Still breathing. Looks peaceful. No added welts or poofiness.

Should I take a picture of her? It would be funny if she recovers fast. But what if she didn’t? What if I’m sitting here taking silly photos while it’s some life-threatening horrible disease…


Oh come on baby, wake up from your nap so we can go get checked out. I need some reassurance by a professional. And some coffee next door to the clinic…

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, this post has been brought to you by the insane brain of a mother on worry. To update, we spent some time at the clinic where we learned she had a pretty serious case of Hives. What we did not learn was what it was from. Food, Booster Juice (no boost), grass, animals, some unknown entity that Brennyn no doubt encountered while I was not looking… The possibilites are endless. All I know is that the medicine is working and I can see my babies eyes again. Relief!


4 thoughts on “Puffy, Welted & Worry

  1. Kari, I love that amid all your mama worry and amazingly grounded sense and decision-making, you still asked yourself, “Should I take a picture? That would be really funny … if it turns out to be nothing too serious.” This is why you make such a balanced, brilliant mother with both common sense and a sense of humour.

  2. Thank you Sheena! I’m going to print that out and tape it to the mirror for days when I am freaking out over a lost shoe and I storm and stomp and mumble and swear and maybe slam a door only to find a baby holding said shoe. You know, just in case that event ever happens to occur… Sigh. But seriously, thank you- you have shifted the course of my day!

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