Yesterday, Kaya absolutely blew me away on four separate occasions. Almost like she had something to prove. Like she realizes that I needed this gentle push (okay, blatant shove) to have me acknowledge her latest developmental stage. This more grown up one.

I should have caught on sooner I suppose. Hindsight and all that. The most obvious sign being her abrupt change from calling me Mommy or Mom to Mamma. Always Mamma now. Like she understood my not loving Mom but she is so beyond Mommy.

“This is what they call compromise Mamma.”

Thank you oh wise one, thank you.

But still I do not tune in to her growth. So she forces me to see.

After settling Brennyn in for her morning nap, I head downstairs to get Kaya ready for the day. “Mamma?” she starts as soon as I enter the living room. “Do you know what 5 + 5 is?”

“Do you?” I question never guessing she knew yet what Math was.

“5 + 5 is 123456789 10!”

So smart. Though I guess she has just seen this on the cartoon she’s been watching. So I test to see if she is just copying or understands the concept also.

“What is 2 + 2?”


“What is 4 + 4?”


“What is 3 + 2?”

“5” with a roll of the eyes wondering if we are done the inquisition yet. We are. She knows math. She knows math? What’s next, longhand? Philosophy?

Creative Writing maybe?

Since I have a book on hold for me at the library, we head there to pick up books for Kaya too. Normally she heads straight for the Thomas books, picks one and then sits in the kids area reading Brennyn books while I select the rest. Such is our routine. Routine’s are made to be broken I guess. We go and I start picking them out for her only she comes over handing me books, one by one that has caught her eye. I go with it and give her a 6 book limit. She picks one glittery princess one, BooHoo bird (we have Grumpy Bird at home), a non-fiction book on whales, a Learn-to-Read variation of Harold and his Purple Crayon, an adorably cute rhyming dust bunnies one and The Adventures of Polo, the best find EVER.

I wasn’t sure at first. The book has no words and is done in comic-book-style panels.

We open it up and Kaya notices there are no words. I tell her that we can make up any story we like with this kind of book. She nods and stares transfixed at the pages, while I start. Not three pages in, Kaya stops me. “We can make up any story we want?”

“Yes, anything.”

With that, she grabs the book from me, places it gently on her lap and says “I’m going to read this story!”

And that she does. Starting with ‘Once upon a time’ she tells me all about this dog who has a friend named Mr. Nobody and they go to space and under water in space where there are magic fish wands and treasure boxes. We meet a mermaid princess who gives us a boat and we practice diving off the boat AT NIGHT. Oh the wonders. We ride on a scary whale who is not scary but actually really, very happy and silly. We fly planes made of Bandaids and she thinks she wants to give the doggy some Princess bandaids for his next plane.The adventure continues with a snowman, polar bears, space ships and a monkey party. We finish with a proud ‘The End’ and a smile that radiates accomplishment, pride.

Kaya ‘reads’ me a 75 page book that has allowed her imagination and confidence to soar. Is there any better kind of book?

Now how about we move on. To Biology perhaps?

Later that day, Kaya asks me what is in her body. She has been asking for about a month now and I suppose keeps asking because she is not satisfied with our answers. When she first asks, I tell her we have bones and a heart, lungs and a brain. I give her a brief description of what each does. A little while later she asks me again “What does the heart do?” I tell her it pumps blood throughout our whole body and more importantly, it loves.

Later I hear her asking Daddy. He is giving a more scientific explanation of pumping blood when I blurt out “AND LOVES! DON’T FORGET IT LOVES!” I thought that is what she needed to hear but I now suspect she was enjoying Daddy’s more graphic description of our innards.

At any rate, today I am prepared. I am armed with a puzzle that looks at each layer of our bodies from skeleton to organs to muscles to skin to clothed. It is brilliant. It is age appropriate (who knew 3-year-olds would ask?!) but honest. And yes, there is even a little love thrown in! Though I fretted over it scaring her, she is instead loving it. And finally seems satisfied that her question was adequately answered.

To end off the day, Bal gets off work and I suggest he take them to the P-O-O-L while I make dinner. He grimaces not really feeling like it. But it is too late. Our braniac knows exactly what we are talking about.

“The pool, the pool, yay, yay, yay!!” as she hops up and down.

Math, Creative Writing, Science and Spelling done.

So I guess in a years time I can forego Kindergarten and enroll her straight to Grade 5?

¡Ay, caramba!


3 thoughts on “Smarts

  1. Now that is one smart cookie you have! Our girls never cease to amaze me! Funny how smarts just happen. Today Karis held her open palm to her ear/cheek area and said “ra-ra”, like she was saying hello on a phone. How does she go from being born to having her first ‘non baby” -like mimicking as talking on a cell phone? iAy, caramba! ; )

  2. It truly is amazing how quickly our girls are growing up! There are many days when I would just like to hit ‘pause’ and slow things down … Mr. Nobody has appeared at our house many times over the past few weeks. Good to know that when he is not with us, he is hanging out with you guys. There is always something new after a great week at Platy! And that puzzle, I love it! Where can I get one for Kam?

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