Ocean Wonders

Kaya turning her head on my camera was not always done out of defiance. Actually more often than not it was simply because she was too busy heading for the ocean.Brennyn too. Or more accurately, Brennyn always.The whole family really, could not wait to explore this wildly wonderful ocean.I do not remember ever having visited the ocean as a kid. Waterfalls, lakes, rivers and mountains yes. Most definitely. But not the ocean.

So I feel just as childlike as we discover jellyfish, seaweed, starfish (they’re PURPLE mom!), crabs, watersnakes, oysters, clams, shells, sand dollars… I learn the textures, colours and marvels along with my kids. Because walking along the ocean as an adult, I would pass these things and smile, but I did not really take the time to explore them. I never put my feet in shallow tidal waters and let the crabs eat my dead skin. I never turned over a starfish in the middle of her dinner.

I never squished a jellyfish or pretended to be a giant monster with green seaweed hair. I never imagined this shell and that coming from a mermaid princesses treasure box from deep, deep, down below. I may have sat staring into the sea, dreaming of my future self or maybe even just sitting, present. But never dreaming of glorious underwater sea adventures or a rock that Baby Beluga most certainly, must have kissed.

Seeing the sea with kids is seeing it for the first time. Crouching, digging, dirty discovery. Poking, rubbing, inspecting investigations. No toys, supplies or Wikipedia as learning aids. Just our glorious senses finding their way.


Instinctively.For Kaya this means by observation.

While Brennyn requires a more hands-on approach.

Both methods work. Both are teaching them, and me, about life and living. We learn that fantastically miraculous creatures come from the sea.

So too from me.


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