Sunshine and Snot

Last night we got back from a fabulous four days on the Sunshine Coast. Though the forecast was calling for rain, the Sunshine Coast stayed true to its name and was  brilliant and sunny 90% of the time. But I will get to all that goodness another time.

At this very moment, I am on my fourth load of laundry with no end in sight. I have two tired and cranky kids. I, myself, am feeling wiped out despite my 4th cup of coffee.

Just like the weather, 90% of the time we had the best time camping. But today I share the other 10%.

The part filled with Booger Bubbles,

Camera Avoidance,

That's me trying to make her say "Freezie!" or "Cheese!" She tried (with an alarming success rate) to avoid the camera at all costs on this trip. I have a ton of 'Back of Kaya's Head' shots.

and Pathetically Boring Games of Hide n’ Seek. Granted, they are hilarious at first, but that fake excited, surprised, oh I’m just looking everywhere for you energy is exhausting. And mind-numbing.

I share with you the moments I did not capture on camera. Like the sleepless night with Miss Miserable (sorry neighboring campers…) There was dirt, booboos, one end-of-day, everybody is hungry and tired group tempter tantrum (adults included) and one lost ‘stroll’ with one frantic mamma, one nervous nelly preschooler and one grumpy boots baby in an umbrella stroller over gnarled roots, giant rocks and bear poop.

I share with you the part where we couldn’t find a damn place (open) to eat Fish n Chips. On the coast. On the weekend. During summer. With loads of tourists looking for some damn Fish n’ Chips. Damn.

I share the part where we give up and eat a larger than life slice of pizza instead.

Then on a whim head to a park for Kaya. Where they, of course, are selling Old Fashioned Fish n’ Chips. Arg. We are too full for them. But not too full for the mini donuts next door.

Yah, those storm clouds didn’t ever last long. Rays of sunshine (or mini donuts) kept peekin on through.

We don’t always love the rain drops, especially on holidays, but the thing is, sometimes we need them.

Sometimes we need Booger Bubbles in life too. Yes we do. Thank goodness for babies who can teach us the way. (Because seriously, what adult do you know can do these?!)


One thought on “Sunshine and Snot

  1. Your honesty is so refreshing, I appreciate it so much and while I don’t wish any of us the rain drops, they continue to fall.

    Thank you for sharing and for making me feel normal.

    xoxo Stace

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