Shoe Monster

We have a little green monster around the house that we’ve had since long before kids. We call him Mr. Bumpy and he eats all our socks.

I’ve got used to him. Accept that I need to feed the beast our socks and just implore every once in awhile that he at least eat a matching set.

Well it seems we have have a new monster in the house. A shoe one. And it’s really pissing me off!

As I pack for camping this weekend, I have one water shoe, one sandal, and one runner. All Brennyn’s. She does not have one pair of matching shoes with some actual soles in them. Just the Robeez soft shoe which she is so over what with all her racing around the universe these days.

I’m going to go all Scooby Gang and look for clues:

They have all gone missing in the past week.

I have searched high and low.

All single shoes were found upstairs, in the dressing room.

Brennyn has been fascinated with shoes lately.

And the dirty diaper garbage…

Oh jinkies, I think I have just wrapped up this mystery gang!

We have a Brenny Monster in the house.

And garbage day was yesterday.



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