Summer Craftiness

Today, while Kaya is at preschool, I am doing a mass arts n’ craft recycle. Just in case she asks about any of her ‘prized’ art that I have horribly thrown in the bottom of the recycle bin (so she does not spot it before recycle day) I am taking pictures of some of the best. The standouts. Undoubtedly the one that she prizes will be the one I do not photograph. But I’m a seasoned mom now. If I were a superhero I would have to be Master Distractor. I’ll give her stickers. Or a sucker. Or make Brennyn pull her pony tail…

Anyways, back to crafting shall we. Where I pretend I’m Super Mom with all my patience and gluey fingers.

Already this summer you have seen us make fairy dust and magic wands. We have done treasure hunts and imaginary cloud pictures. Thank you Kristin for inspiring us to make Nature Crowns. Unfortunately, despite this picture, it mostly results in ignoring, pouting, eating nature (including burned embers from the fire pit), and temper tantrums. We did manage a moment or two of enjoyment. Like successfully sticking a rock on our crown. Because, according to Princess Pouty Pantsers, rocks are nature and must go on, even after a lengthy lecture on physics and concussions.

We made a mobile. And bugs are always a hit. Or being hit. Or in Kaya’s words, smooshed. I didn’t teach her that. It’s called survival of the fittest don’t ya know!

Canada Day Mobile

We made the dragonfly with colored sand glued on and painted the butterfly

Egg carton Caterpillar

But then mostly we just draw. And colour and draw some more. Kaya is actually getting pretty good. I have a friend whose boy used to ALWAYS draw trucks. Only trucks. For Kaya, it is parties. It used to just be tons and tons of people on the page but has progressed to banners, balloons, birthday cakes and flowers.

Bunkbed, Ham (her friends name gone wrong) and Sad Guy Stuck in Bunkbed

Birthday Cake, a Party and Sad People

Flowers, Balloons, A banner and a Sad Girl

Wait a minute… There seems to be a running theme here. Sad people have been the thing lately. Sometimes I wonder if her daycare teachers are imagining some great traumatic events happening at home. If I am ever brought in for a ‘talk’, I’m coming armed with this:

My family is having a dance party. Daddy has silly eyes. We are happy!

Not this one:

This is Kaya. I am MAD. I do NOT want to go on the diving board!

But if they’re really serious and want some answers, I will bring forth Master Distractor and ask them why my daughter is drawing guns at daycare:

I won’t tell them that when I asked Kaya what she drew above, she informs me that it is a spaceship. Of course it is.

Okay, so to finish, my faves:

"This is Daddy because he has no hair and a big sun and daddy should wear sunscreen and that's Riley. Riley should wear sunscreen too. HAHAHAHAHA"

Bal went riding up on Whistler. Kaya drew him this. The bottom is daddy on his mnt bike. The top is daddy doing tricks on his mnt bike. He wishes!

After we saw Thomas the Tank Engine, she drew herself riding on Thomas. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!


3 thoughts on “Summer Craftiness

  1. Don’t you think Kaya might be at the age where emotions become more of an issue? ie. She’s exploring other emotions, especially sad because that’s is not sething she is very often.
    Just a thought…

  2. Yes Lisa, it is definitely about exploring her emotions. Though it does make you wonder when all these sad faces appear if she’s expressing her own sadness by drawing. So you wonder, what could she be sad about? What have I missed? It’s a mamma’s job to worry about these things I guess 🙂 But we all have sad/mad/frustrated/annoyed days I guess? Even at 3?

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