Bal & Kari Plus Two

I was reading my Huffington Post phone app the other day when Kaya peaked over my shoulder and saw this picture:

“Look Mom! It’s you and me!”

It is not, of course. We do not holiday in $8000/week vacation homes on white, sandy beaches.

It is Kate and one of eight from Jon & Kate Plus 8 just in case you do not watch TLC, stand in grocery lines, or watch ‘entertainment’ ‘news’. (Totally had to quote both of those since I fail to understand how it is entertainment or news.)

Since I almost see some abs there on Kate, and boobs, I am going to take Kaya’s misunderstanding as a compliment.

Then I’m going to kiss my hubby, wrap my arms around both kids, and randomly flash out my window.

Ah yes, just because I can!

If only I had the shades...


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