Great Day For Up

I love me a good Farmer’s Market.

I love artists. And farmers. And tie-dyed hippies selling their wares.

I love kettle corn. Oh man, do we love the kettle corn.

I love fresh baking. And bison burgers.

I love in-season fruit and veggies and greens.

I love local entertainment and running into people I know.

There is nothing bad about a farmer’s market. Even the booths I do not buy from, I respect. Respect the creativity that brought them there.

I even love leaving the farmer’s market. Full of fresh things to devour. But mostly since it means it is time to check out the town. For wherever there is a farmer’s market, there is sure to be…

A bunch of men walking a mile in red highheels? Sweet.

We spot a friend in the mix and Kaya looks on, at first confused, but I think quickly, jealous. Because red high heels would so compliment her wardrobe. It matches Spidey for goodness sake!

A fantastic cause and donation detour later and we head to some funky independent shops nearby.

I love me a funky independent shop too.

Gadgety, organic, nature-themed, gallery and flower shop browsing is good. Really good.

Even the non-funky shops make the cut.

Like cozy bookstores.

And over-run second hand shops. Where I spend the last $2 of cash that I have. On a horse for dolls,

and a Dr. Seuss.

You can never, ever go wrong with Dr. Seuss.

We admire the vibrant colours our downtown has become,

And then, if there is a better day in the history of days to head to the lake, I will not believe you.

So we go. Because really, truly, today is a Great Day for Up!

Up, Paddleboarding Style


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