More on space. My brain is not ready to let it go.

We live in a society of wanting more. More things, stuff, and yes, space. Our mentality has become that we need a walk-in closet, a two-car garage, 3 bedrooms, plus a den, plus a play room, plus a bathroom attached to each of those. Plus, plus, plus. Where is all this extra space leading us?

To comfort? Maybe.

To freedom? Possibly.

Though it is just as likely that all this space is making us lonely. As our homes get bigger, we seem to be losing the sense of community our neighborhoods used to encourage. Even worse, we seem to be losing the closeness with our families as we are all separated to various parts of the house. Why do we feel so compelled then to have more space?

What I am really trying to get at here is, why do I keep imagining how much better life would be in a house, rather than my townhouse?

Again, these thoughts on space are not coming out of, well, space. This time it comes from the recent move of Brennyn into her big sisters room. Shared space, that is their own. I wavered back and forth for a long time about whether we would have them share a room or not. Eventually Kaya asked for Brennyn to share her room so it seemed odd not to at least give it a try. Surprisingly (mostly to me), they are both thrilled with the arrangement.  They love the closeness, the company. They are sleeping amazingly well, and (knocking on some serious wood here) probably even better than they did before.

We want for more space. But sometimes less space works too. And sometimes it is just a matter of changing up your space.

Which is exactly what has happened to Brennyn’s old room. It has become a multi-purpose room with a spare bed, two dressers for the girls, and our office. You may have noticed that I have been writing more lately. That would be thanks to the move. Our bedroom was too dark, too dreamy, of the sleepy kind, not the imaginative kind. Though I do not have any more physical space for writing in the spare room, it feels like the right space. Creative space.

So now, here I sit at my desk staring outside at no view to speak of. It is the stare of a thinker. A ponderer. Where thoughts, words, and imaginings circulate, rotate, and come together to form a story, maybe even an epiphany. Ironically, the view out my bedroom window, where I wrote before, may have just been too distracting for any productivity. More a view to inspire dreams, not words. My lullaby view then.

Summer View

Winter View

Loading those pictures just now brings forth one word.

E  X  P  A  N  S  I  V  E

If you are still reading, still with me through all this free thinking, I think I’ve found another branch. Work with me…

E  X  P  A  N  S  I  V  E

We can live an expansive life, and not an expensive one. We can be expansive in our thoughts, in our loving, in our ideas. We can create, dream, parent and grow expansively. It’s a matter of stepping outside our comfort zone, trying new things, changing it up a little.

Simply moving the computer for me, filled me with space. Allowed me some freedom to create. Moving the girls in a room together has lessened their individual space, but has made that space more comfortable.

I think there is a lesson here for all of us. We need not be constantly upgrading, adding on to, or moving to improve our lives. We can simply rearrange, reconfigure, absorb, maneuver and make-do. We can think outside of the box. Be expansive and not so damn expendable all the time.

Phew, are you still with me? Am I on to something here? Or am I just being really clever in deluding myself into believing I don’t really want for more space? The truth of the matter is, if I won the lottery, I would most certainly go buy myself a house. With an office and a playroom. But I also believe I would not be inclined to buy a ginormous mansion just because I can. Baby steps in this life learning my friends, baby steps…


2 thoughts on “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  1. ; )
    Stacey, Kevin and I just had a small chat about this exact topic yesterday. It really is WHAT you do with your space that can make the difference, isn’t it. Its like the smallest changes can suddenly make your space new and exciting again.
    I like that you are no longer distracted by the *awful* view. ; ) I get some great breakfast reading from you more often!
    Expansive – great word!

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