Keepin’ It Real

In case you were wondering, our holiday was not all ice cream and cannon balls.

In the past couple of months, I have made a conscious effort to focus my attention and energy on positive outlooks. Which is fantastic until my day goes to hell and I have surrounded myself with books, blogs, and movies that are all happy and gregarious, leaving me feeling like the only one in the entire world who thinks that right now, in this moment, life sucks ass.

But we all have sucky moments don’t we. It feels a disservice not to share the darker sides too.

Sucky, pissy, aggravating, tantruming misery happens even on wonderful holidays. Trust me.

Trust Kaya. Who spent a good portion of the holiday trying to figure out how to properly use the term ‘frustrating’.

“Are you frustrating mom?”

“Of course not.” Said with indignation.

“But don’t go asking your father if I am…”

No, I didn’t really say that. She meant frustrated but I was eating frozen yogurt at the time so no, I was not frustrated either. Another time she tells me she’s frustrated. Though she’s just waking up from a two-hour snooze and I have no idea what she could possibly be frustrated about. She asked her daddy too and probably several other family members over the course of the vacation leaving them wonder, I am sure, just how often her parents are pulling out their hair screaming “I’m so freaking frustrated!” If asked, I would have told them. Like only once a week or so…

But holidays are special. In the week we were away, there were:

  • whiny car rides
  • restless sleeps
  • heat stroke
  • family quirks (I’m being polite)
  • long un-airconditioned car rides at the hottest time of the year
  • cramped quarters
  • Bal relegated to Kaya’s bed everywhere we went since she wouldn’t sleep otherwise
  • me being kneed, head butted, rolled on, pushed off and all around beaten down sleeping with Kaya every night
  • a virus that hit all of us (some more than once) that landed us for good portions of the day on the toilet.

Fun right?

Totally. Keepin’ it real for those of you having a sucky ass day.

You are not alone.


One thought on “Keepin’ It Real

  1. Oh shit yes, we all have SHITTY days!
    I’m sure I posted about at least one of them over on my pages. ; )
    Ok, so FRUSTRATED is one of the first words Kamille learned. I taught it too her purely by accident because I used it so many times in the sentence, ” I am really really really frustrated right NOW!” Now whenenver she sees me getting all hot and pissy, she says “Mommy, don’t get fwustwaited” and just the other night she said, “Mom, you don’t love me when you are frustrated” OUCH. We had to chat that one out.
    So yes, shitty days are over here too – and sometimes that shit hits the fan hard on vacation too!

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