A Few of My Faves

I’ve already posted a few of the best moments from our trip. Here are a few more.

Sitting in a coffee shop, drinking delectable Americano’s and reading the second book of the trilogy Girl With a Dragon Tattoo with no kids to watch out for. And nobody in town that I know. The result, no interruptions and book #2 finished!

Giggles. Girly giggles in the car, on the blow-up bed bouncing (and sending Brennyn flying!), in the hammock, at the park, visiting family… Giggles are good.

Mr Nobody. He came out of nowhere. Kind of an invisible friend? But acknowledged as not there. Mr Nobody. Of course.

Mom and Pat never having eaten a Smore (WHAT?!!) to eating like 6 in one fell swoop (if you call the weekend a swoop)

Showing Kaya this picture of her Daddy:

His mom, apparently, wanted a girl.

Watching the girls dance with their cousins to Usher. When I asked what song we were just listening to, I am told “Oh my gosh… OMG…” And while I am being given this information, I do not realize I am getting the information, I am just thinking that he is saying ‘Oh my gosh’ while he tries to remember the information and I am finding it odd that I have never heard him use this expression before. Eventually I clue in that OMG is the information only I think it is the artist, not the song name. I. Am. So. F’n. Old.

Forgiving me that, just picture a bee-boppin up and down Brenny and a spinny, twirly Kaya dancing to Usher. With lots and lots of giggles.

A sign for Lac Le Hache that boasts, ‘Longest town in the Cariboo’. I guess they needed something to boast? Not the longest town in Canada or even in BC, but in the Cariboo. Where there are like 5 towns total…

A sign read as ‘Hot Ice. Dog Cream.’ It is 35 degrees, we are in the car and we have no a/c so I’m all “Dude, who would want hot ice?” but then it occurs to me it really says Hot Dog. Ice Cream. and I’m all “Dude, I’m glad I don’t have to ask what Dog Cream is.”

Escaping the hot tent:

Escape Artist

Escaping the hot hot:


3 thoughts on “A Few of My Faves

  1. Couple things about this …..
    LOVE that you get to sit in a coffee shop and read a book. Picture perfect in my mind. Love it.
    Bal is a gorgeous wee gal. OMG, I laughed out loud. So so so funny! I won’t tell him that I had a sneak peak at that! ; )
    DUDE! OMG, Dog Cream. No way. I am so glad that you didn’t have to find out what they heck Dog Cream would be!
    I love the lifejacket wedgie!
    Thanks for the giggles over here too!

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