Treasure Hunters

Kaya and I have been collecting treasures all summer. Oh sure, to you it may look like a dirty ol’ boring black rock, but to us it looks like a heart. Or it was discovered at a special tree. Or it is lonely. Kaya hates for anything to be lonely.

We gather them up and deposit them in her Dora summer lunch box for safe keeping. Since we don’t generally have the box with us, assorted treasures are scattered throughout our home, found in pockets, strollers, purses and if Brenny has her say, in mouths. Common sense says these treasure are in fact, garbage, dirt, clutter. Thank you Oscar Wilde for realizing,

Anybody can have common sense,

provided that they have no imagination.

Inside are:

  • Varying pinecones from different trees. Accompanying stories of drama and hijinks on how animals and storms flail them to the ground included.
  • Driftwood that is a steering wheel. Wait, it’s a bird. Oh, haha mommy, birdies don’t need steering wheels to fly!
  • Driftwood that looks like a seals skin (or a highheel or a mitten depending on when you ask Kaya)
  • Kindling from Kaya’s first teepee building to make a campfire
  • Assorted rocks- soft, smooth, speckled, black, white, orange, pink, purple, heart-shaped, perfectly round, from the lake, from the playground. “Why is that rock pink do you think Kaya?” “I don’t know mommy. Nature has lots of colours.” Like, duh.
  • flowers
  • pictures of flowers since flowers die. So many lessons to learn…

    Wild Asters

  • wispy things??
  • lucky penny
  • lucky dime
  • Mommy contributes a Bud Lite Lime Green Pull Tab which Kaya wants no part of but too bad.
  • and this from an independent coffee shop in Quesnel:

English- Avoid pouring on crotch area.

French- Ne pourez pas dans l’area de Oolala.

German- Nein droppen ze haut kaffe oont ze knakkers.

Humour is just as appreciated as imagination in this case.

We have caught flys, an inch worm, bugs and spiders and inspected them very closely in our magnifying jar. Then we set them free after the appropriate amount of inquisition and squeals on our part.

We have witnessed cousins doing the Freak-Out-Dance upon seeing a wasp. We have learned that dragon flies eat mosquitoes. Oh, and we learned all about mosquitos too. The hard way.

Kaya and Gammy with our treasure bag getting heavier and heavier on our nature walk

We have stared up at the sky with the bubbly clouds of the Interior, and pointed out all the creatures in the sky; turtles, crabs, birds, bunnies, airplanes, a train, a man doing jumping jacks, and a girl dancing with a boat on her head. Our imaginations soaring as high as those clouds.

As summer demands, we have become Explorers.

Dreamers and Discoverers.

Imaginators. (Don’t tell me that is not a word.)

So you see, imagination needs moodling~ long, inefficient happy idling, dawdling and puttering.

~Brenda Ueland


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