We just got back from a fabulous week away visiting various family and friends. Let me be honest here. Before setting off, this holiday was being thought of more of a ‘duty’ than a vacation. But turns out the people and places of BC pull off a mean Fiji-style getaway.


At this very moment I am sipping a delightful coffee, writing in my journal, on a deck overlooking a pool, listening to the peaceful calls of the birds all around. Not unlike this moment, 5 years ago:

Fiji poolside

Fiji consisted of a lot of relaxing, romantic time nestled in a hammock.
Romance was out on this trip. But I squeezed in a little relaxing.

Green Lake View from our campsite

Until these two took over (as they are want to do)
Then after a few rolls and twists and lunges over baby sis, Kaya managed to get it all to herself.

Fiji was full of the most stunning green/blue waters.

But Green Lake can hold its own.

Exotic flowers set the mood in Fiji

It is possible too, in Kamloops. Really.
Boats got us around the hundreds of Fijian islands.

Brennyn liked that idea and caught a ride herself.
And what’s a holiday without ice cream? No matter where you are.

Brennyn's first ice cream!

Fiji provided a few opportunities for silly fun with kids.

But nothing like this holiday. And nothing like silly kids FUN.

If given the choice, I would head to Fiji again in a heartbeat. But it does not really matter where you are in the world does it? If you want to be miserable, you will be. If you want to go out of ‘duty’, that is what it will feel like. Fortunately, my two crazy kids snap me out of that nonsense. Because, according to Kaya, camping with Gammy and Gampa at Green Lake “is the best place EVER!” And the thing is, it was.

Later we visit Bal’s mom’s house. I see dark rooms and trinkets. A lot of trinkets. Gold unicorns, jade horses, trophies from the kids in the 80’s and 90’s, ballerinas, a Seven Dwarves pen holder, vases, dried flower arrangements, lucky frogs and on and on. But Kaya is infatuated. She sees only beauty. “Lola’s house is very pretty and nice Mom. I love Lola’s house!” It kind of hits me like a thunderbolt. Who am I to decide what is beautiful? Who am I to judge what makes another person comfortable and happy? So I look at her house with new eyes and I no longer see trinkets. I see the memories, stories and love of a family of six, grown into the grandkids and cousins and partners of today.

After Lola’s we drive to Kamloops with its 35+ degree heat and forest fire smoke enveloping the town. We head to our friends house drenched in sweat and grumpy from the long drive. Kaya breaks the misery first when, upon seeing the new toys and swimming pool, she declares “This place is SWEET!” By the end of our visit, she insists that this too, is the best place EVER.

I can not disagree.


One thought on “Bula

  1. Oh but Fiji without my own kids sound so great. I am torn!
    Glad you were able to enjoy your family and friends with new eyes!
    Welcome home!

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