Crazy Scrapbooking Lady

Brennyn’s one year scrapbook is done. Which means I am done scrapbooking. Which is a little depressing since I have a ton of paper, punchouts and stickers left. Plus I will miss that creative outlet. Oh, I suppose I could keep it up. Do a scrapbook every year of the girls life, then send them off to their college dorm rooms with 18 scrapbooks showcasing every mortifying gorgeous moment that often only a mamma could love. No, first year is it. They are going to be busy enough trying to keep their friends from discovering their mother’s blog, they don’t need the physical weight of mortifying gorgeous moments too.

So here, all my hard work, ending up digitalized anyways. Partly to share. Partly to save in the abyss of Internet in case of fire, flood or teenage girls seeking revenge.


3 thoughts on “Crazy Scrapbooking Lady

  1. So as a former scrapbooker, I know how much effort and time that these things take, and dude – you’ve pulled it off! Geez! I gave it up after making “The Story” of Kevin and I as my wedding gift to him. I can’t imagine doing a book now. I do manage to use all of my papers, brads, punches, etc for the simpler and quicker craft of card making. Oh, and Kamille has inherited a lot of stuff to in her craft box!
    Nice work on the book. Looks great!

  2. Very Nice Kari! Lots of work but totally worth it…you’ll be

    glad you did it when they get older. Makes me want to

    get cracking on finishing mine for my boys, haven’t done

    any for some time.

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