You may have heard the story of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman, who is to be stoned to death for adultery. Or maybe you haven’t. It is getting some press, though not enough.

I can not stop thinking about it.

I can not get the image of a woman, 43 years old and a mother, being bound tightly, buried in sand up to her neck, then just waiting as several men grab huge stones and hurl them at her head.

Until she is dead.

I can not imagine this for cold-blooded killers, never mind for a woman accused solely of adultery. ‘Adultery’ though her husband had been dead for several years.

What the fuck?

Iranian officials are now backtracking. Saying she was convicted for murder of her husband and adultery. Though her lawyer and anybody else involved will tell you she was never even charged with murder, nevermind convicted.

What the fuck?

Iranian officials are now reviewing the case of stoning. Which is no comfort to her sons since she will most likely just be hanged instead.

What the fuck?

I don’t know. This is one of those things where it is happening a world away and I feel helpless as to what I can do to help. I signed a petition and hope you will go there too, learn more, and sign it also. Something has got to be better than nothing.

Better yet, write a letter of appeal. I will be doing so today.

French philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Levy writes a fantastic article asking us to do just that. His is the best article I have read and at the end gives ways to help:

Your appeal should be addressed to Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose e-mail address has been made public by Amnesty International: Or you may send a letter through the supreme leader’s website.

These officials must be inundated with communications.


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