Our Very Special Fairy Princess Picnic

Once upon a time, there was a mommy who would never in a million year have imagined she would host a Fairy Princess Picnic. For this mommy was a tom-boy. She didn’t know how to do pink. Purple a little, maybe. Fortunately, this mommy had a girl who loves pink. And especially purple. And who also happens to really know how to have a good time. So they worked together to create a most magical day…

Kaya and I have not had a lot of one-on-one time since Brennyn was born. It’s usually family time, the girls doing their thing, or if Bal and I split them up, I of course, have had to stay with baby. My baby isn’t so baby anymore if you hadn’t noticed. And my boobs have retired their milk dispensing duties. Which means that I am free.

Along with that, the attention has really been on Brennyn of late. Partly because it was her birthday but also because she is developing quite the comical personality and demands attention, while her sister shy’s away from it. So once the one year birthday party festivities are through, I start planning something for just Kaya and I.

At first I consider surprising her with the princess picnic, but quickly realize that if I do that, she would be too overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Which would lead to the inevitable ‘No’s!’ and protests of the last post. Even though she would be in love and awe, she would not be able to process it in enough time to enjoy it. So last week I ask her if she would like to do a ‘very special fairy princess picnic’ with mommy and her. True to form, her first response is ‘No.’ (Why, oh why… Arg)

After giving her time to process it, I ask her again and she gets giddy. “Brennyn will come too?” I tell her no, this is a very special day just for her and mommy together. This, somewhat to my surprise, makes her even giddier. She so needs this.

The next day she asks me about the picnic as soon as she wakes up and I know she is elated. We start counting down the sleeps which is complicated only by her including nap time sleeps in the mix. Fortunately, we have hot summer days at the lake and a big birthday party to pass the days.

Then Sunday morning arrives. Kaya is up at 6am, crawls into bed, and though she won’t say it’s picnic day, she is looking longingly at me, just willing me to announce it. So I do. “Hooray Kaya! It is ‘Very Special Fairy Princess Picnic Day!!’ We both giggle and though she doesn’t comment on it, I’m pretty certain Kaya realizes what a very special day indeed this is, for me to be giggling before any coffee has been ingested. She knows me well.

I had planned to leave around 10:30-11am. We are out the door at 9:30am. There is no holding the girl back. It is Christmas time excitement!

Picnic basket is full. Bag o’ delights is ready. Kaya picks out her princess dress and helps me pick out my fairy one. Excuse the wrinkles but princesses do not iron and besides, there are tea parties to attend to… In a hurry!

While I load the car, Bal and Kaya go to our florist/neighbor/friend Jill’s to pick up the ‘Fairy Princess’ Bouquet I ordered. Kaya’s eyes, chestnut-brown and wide, grow bigger than her usual big. For these flowers, our very special flowers, are pink and purple and perfectly princessy!

And then we are off…

Originally I had planned on going to Alice Lake but realize it is triathlon day and thus, psychotic. So plan B takes us to Murrin Lake. It is only once we get there that I remember what a popular fishing spot it is. The lake is filled with fathers and sons on what I imagine is their ‘Very Special Fishing Expedition’. Kaya and I stroll in with our flowers, pink lemonade and fairy wings to add some girly glam to the lake. Nobody seems bothered by us. One guy, a stinky climber sort, asks if he can join us. I tell him he has to be a princess. He walks away laughing, insisting he has some very serious Princess tendencies. This makes me snort laugh. Which is so the opposite of having Princess-tendencies.

I do not have any pictures of our gorgeous table, set up to perfection. For one, it lasted that way for about a fraction of a second before Kaya was begging to pour 4 cups of pink lemonade (Princess Bun-Bun and Prince Sun-Sun joined us for the picnic!) and spills all over the place (which we only laugh about!) But also because I promised myself to be in the moment with Kaya. Not documenting the moment, but in it. This is a constant struggle for me with my writing and photography. Balancing my passion for both with the importance of being in the moment, relishing in that, and surrendering that the moment may be forgotten but that doesn’t matter because all that matters was the moment itself. Not me taking pictures of the moment. Make sense?

Now, having said that, don’t get me wrong, I took tons of pictures! But not to start. We were too busy, and giddy, getting everything ready. We lay out our table-cloth, then attach flower and firefly stickers all over it. Then place the flowers centre, set the table, put out the heart-shaped sandwiches, strawberries and watermelon, then pour pink lemonade into cups with straws and umbrellas. This turns out to be Kaya’s favourite part. Pink lemonade with umbrellas. It’s the simple things.

Not much food is eaten. A few strawberries is all, and A LOT of pink lemonade. And of course the cupcakes. But that’s for a little later. First, we must make fairy wishes!

Kaya wishes that this ‘Very Special Fairy Princess Picnic’ never ends. I second that. I also silently wish that her 3-year-old brain will remember this day forever. And if not remember it specifically, at least remember the feeling, the essence, of joy, of love.

There are many more wishes too. For sunshine and rainbows and trips to the aquarium, among others.

Your wishes are my command my love. Especially since baby brothers and sports cars are not on the wish list!

After wishes are wished, it is time to make fairy dust. Just to help those wishes along. We add rainbow sprinkles, purple sparkles and confetti of moons, leaves and flowers. Sand too and then the best part of all, rocks picked out of the lake-side where fishies kiss them making them ready to grant fairy wishes. We pick pink ones, speckled ones and smooth ones then drop them in our jar and shake. A magical shake in which wishes come true.

It works for us.

We run between the trees, pick out our rocks, run back to the jar, and back between the trees to the lake. Many times. Near the end, I snap some photos and Kaya has a slip and fall. Fortunately, all our magical wishing and fairy dust has made Princess Bandaids appear. Just like that. Magical powers that help ease the pain.

No Fairy Princess Picnic would do without dancing. So we dance. A lot. There are many burly fisherman with smiles of delight.

After this fairy can twirl no more, I snap this series of dance moves. Princess Kaya can boogie!And quite honestly, seeing them again, makes me want to weep with joy. Oh the joy!

Did I mention there was a lot of dancing? Here’s some more.All that action now requires cupcakes. With more pink lemonade. And just before I pull out one last surprise, Kaya starts dancing again. Only this time it is the hopping, grabbing, pee dance. She doesn’t want to admit it because she fears it will mean the end, so instead of trying to lug everything to the outhouse, I teach her the finer art of the princess squat. Poofy dress up, undies down, legs far apart, squat, and pee over bushes, without any leaves tickling your bum. It’s a fine art.

We attempted this once before and it ended in disaster. Pee tinkles all over her feet and clothes, then a full stop as she refuses to pee on herself anymore. But today I am feeling confident what with all the magic floating around. Sure enough, complete success! When a friend asks her later what she did on the picnic, she answers “Drink pink lemonade, dance and pee in the bushes.” Love it.

With that accomplished, one final surprise. Goldilicious, a follow-up to Pinkalicious! We read it lake side giggling all the while. Maybe some of our magic and giggles spread out to the fishermen. Though that wouldn’t be so magical for the fishies. At any rate, Kaya loves her new book, we read it through twice before devouring another cupcake and starting some crafts. Almost as if by magic (go figure), Kaya’s Auntie bought her a present the day before without knowing anything about our upcoming event. It was the Melissa & Doug Magic Wand that you decorate yourself with paint, glitter and stickers. Since I also brought Melissa & Doug princess, fairy and tea party stickers, we open it all up and colour, paint, create, and fabricate some fabulous tales.

Finally, sadly, it is time to pack up and go. But not before a few final shots.

A few final moments.

Three hours go by as if by magic. Mommy and Kaya leave the grand kingdom in style, twirling, laughing, casting fairy spells, and dancing their way out. They, along with the prince, princess, magical tree fairies, fishermen and fishies, all live happily ever after…

*Unless you read the last post. Damn reality.*

*This Tom-Boy Mommy would also like to note that a trip to the same lake for a Very Special Fishing Expedition will also be in the works.*


4 thoughts on “Our Very Special Fairy Princess Picnic

  1. LOVE it!!! For a tom-boy you sure know how to pull off a fabulous princess picnic. And did you know, there is a Purplicious book too!

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