Summer is Here!

Summer has arrived! Finally and with gusto.

Bring on dimply baby bums, swimming droopy drawers, fruit salads, sand in every possible nook and cranny of house and person, braless, shoeless, camping, campfires, fire bans, late nights, early mornings, sheet sleeps, sunscreen, iced lattes, cold beer, water play and BBQ’s.

*I must add pinkalicious Diamond Head sunsets and strawberry/blueberry yogurt popsicles. Kaya concurs.*

Apparently, at our house, bring on also colds, teeth, allergies and shots. But I’m in too good a mood to go there.

Damn folks, it is 30 degrees, BBQ’s on, big kid is on her way home from daycare so I am outta here!

Right after this important message championing summer. Brought to you by Brenny Claire-Bear:

Watermelon, Sand, Teeth and Fun All Wrapped Into One Great Big Cheer for Summer!


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