Summer Gratitude

When it is July 4th and summer has not yet made its presence known, it is important to appreciate that which we have. It helps ease the shiver and blahs. I hope. So here, my top 10 things to be grateful for.

10. Girly summer dresses worn, despite the clouds and wind.

9. Watching the girls chase bubbles and marveling at the ones that escape, floating up, up, up and away as far as the eye can see.

8. Lazy mornings of World Cup Soccer, coffee, and crafting in our PJ’s.

7. Jack Johnson, my journal, and a beer.

6. Two full bags of gorgeous size 5-6 girls clothes donated to us by a friend. Kaya is especially thankful for the Dora socks which has her anxiously waiting for the laundry to finish. Dresses, sweaters, swimsuits and more but it is one pair of socks that has her giddy!

5. Friends. A cozy couch-bound visit with a friend while our kids entertain each other and we catch up. Movie night swooning over 19-year-olds with fellow 30-something friends. Seeing old friends, making new ones…

4. Party favours- Window Crayola’s (a big hit!), Balloons, and Ladybug cakes

3. Brenny’s First Steps and Strides. Wobbling, balancing, plunking, steadying, teetering, swaying CUTENESS!

2. Summer plans- birthday parties, Green Lake, family visits, Alice Lake, strawberry picking, Sunshine Coast, Sunshine…

1. Fabulous neighbors who leave this on their front doorstep so anyone can help themselves:

The girls and I took a few. Fantastically generous and appreciated! We will be making a Thank You card tomorrow!

Make that Top 11. Bonus one is a good one. Date night out! Appies, drinks, conversation and a movie. Sweet!

Ah yes, the sun has eluded me so far this summer, but sunny days have not.


4 thoughts on “Summer Gratitude

  1. oh that’s a good list. love the flowers, the crayola window writers and all of #7.
    i hope that i can pack up some of this ontario sun and heat to bring that way. it would be a shame after working so hard on this beach tan, only to lose it the second i get off the plane! ; )

  2. …oh my goodness, I’m in the #1 spot even though I can’t imagine how flowers can be above baby’s first steps..!! (Perhaps thankfulness for first steps is mixed with a bit of apprehension about how the pace of life may be changing…?) Either way, YOU’RE WELCOME!! (Great picture!)
    And BTW, you are on my list, too, of people to be thankful for – my wonderful neighbour!!

  3. oh, and p.s. – I am once again impressed by your clever little artist!! Kaya’s thank-you card is precious.

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