Forced Photos

I could never be a professional photographer. Those big days, the special ones, all result in the worst photos ever. I am much better at the simple moments. Catching my kids unaware. I guess there is too much pressure for me and the kids on the special days. Brennyn’s birthday was on the 2nd. After several attempts at a sister photo, this is the best one I managed!
Delicious? Divine? Disgusting? Yah, I’m going with that last one.

I first tried in the morning. Opening presents in bed. I call this ‘Cheese-strangular!’ Nice.

Then there is the standard opening present shot. Only, who’s birthday is this again?

Now outside in their gorgeous little summer dresses. Kaya doesn’t speak Gibberish Baby Talk, yet somehow communicated to her ‘Defiance’.

Trying to capture those ‘free spirit’ moments here. Nice feet but who are these people?

So my attempt at a lovely sisterly birthday photo failed miserably. Now this picture was not from her birthday, but it is hilarious. It had the potential to be an absolutely delightful picture. But I am so glad it did not. This is so much better!

No, forced photos don’t really work for me. The day after Brennyn’s birthday, I get this beauty.Caught unaware watching bubbles go by. Simple moments. No pressure.

Yes, those work for me. And the girls.


3 thoughts on “Forced Photos

  1. ; )
    Last week we attempted to get 5 cousins sitting together in their Canada T-shirts. RIDICULOUS amount of effort for not one photo of all the kids looking.
    I hear you on this one! Simple moments are way cuter anyway! ; )

  2. Kristin, we tried to get 11 kids on a log out camping for a photo op. You can imagine that chaos! It was a papparrazzi of parents snapping photos and I do not think one of us managed a great shot. Hilarious!

    Mom, yes I loved that one too. Though I call it more ‘This is how you Piss Mommy Off!’ vibes 😉

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