Dear Brennyn, (One Year)

Dear Miss B/Bren-Bren/Brenny,

These names are given to you by daddy, Kaya, and mommy respectively. Though you are also commonly referred to as Menacing Menace, Busy B, and Gorgy Goo-goo Bear. Truly it’s a wonder that children learn their name in the first year of life…

First year. How can that even be possible? I’m on to you girl. I am fairly confident that the adorably hilarious nose scrunch is some magical way of making time go faster. For you so want to grow bigger. You want to mingle, interact, and play. Especially with your big sis and all her big friends. Three is the place to be in your mind. But I want my baby for just a little while longer so can you ease up on the nose scrunch time warp? Just a little?

Wait, no, I take that back. The scrunch is too hilarious. Don’t stop. It makes me giggle every time.

Sorry darling, being a mom is very complicated; pleading for time to slow down while at the same time adoring every new quirk and development as you learn and grow.

In your one-month letter, I talked about the joy you bring to people when we were out and about. I attributed this mostly to being a newborn. But there is something about you girl. Something that inspires joy. I can take you anywhere and it’s like the seas are parting. We walk, and every person who even just glances our way, returns a smile. The genuine kind. It’s as though you purposefully take all those surly, grumpy, bored or complacent faces as a challenge and you just dare them not to smile. You win by the way. Every time.

Joyful is one way to describe you. Mischievous would be another. You have a twinkle in your eye, a twitch in that goofy three-toothed smile, a flicker in those nose wrinkles that just screams “I am up to no good but don’t worry, it is really, really funny!”

Sometimes it is. Like your affiliation for all things beer. At first we thought you just liked the bottle shape but you attacked my pint at an Olympic lunch with just as much enthusiasm. More. You lunged for gold my little go-getter but alas, would have to settle for silver as I edged you out by mere fractions of a millimeter for gold. The loss didn’t dissuade you from further beer pursuits however. With family cheering you on and cans of cold beer lured in front of you, you just about took your first few steps.

Then there are the not-so-funny up to no good moments. Like an entire roll of toilet paper unrolled and stuffed into the toilet, the toilet being used as your very own water table, chewing dirty dish rags, blowing zerberts on the just cleaned sliding door, and stealing the remote control. And please tell me why it is that you can not figure out how to lower yourself off the couch without doing a head dive but you can figure out how to get through the barricade that prevents you from heading down the hall and up the stairs? You pull, shove, lift that tent out, sneak inside, then crawl yourself out of the window on the other side, straight for the stairs. Which would even be okay if you didn’t dive head first down those too.

Oh alright, so maybe those too are a little funny. But only till they’re not. Only until I have said ‘No Brennyn!’ for the zillionth time and encouraged ‘Gentle!’ for the kabillionth time and implored “No eating that!’ for the infinite time.

This is what happens when we stay home for an entire day. Rest assured that we do not stay home very often.

You adore being out. Spreading the joy.

I took you to Books for Babies at the library for the first time when you were 10 months old. I honestly do not know why I waited so long. You ADORED it. At first you sat with mommy, gawking at all the other babies, nodding your head to the songs, throwing your hands up in the air going “Wooo!!!” when the guitar came out. Eventually you got brave and crawled away from me towards the centre of the circle. Then, as soon as another baby touched you or mamma talked to you, you’d smile and do a mad-dash straight back to me. Safety, quick cuddles, then gone again, crawling back to the middle. In no time you were cruising the circle. Checking things out. Making the rounds. Always looking back to make sure I was watching you with a smile. I always was.

Otherwise we try to be outdoors. Here you are in your element. Amongst dirt, grass, sand and the ocean you crawl and play and talk and eat (yes eat. Sadly, sand ranks up there as your top 3 favourite ‘foods’.) You are not one of those kids whose feet retracts at the first feel of grass or lake water. No, you dive right in. Literally when it comes to the lake or ocean. Crawl, crawl, crawl from grass to sand to water. Then stop, put your face in the water and blow bubbles. Blowing bubbles is hilarious. So is ‘Bbbbbbb’ lips. Bored in the car seat, you often just start ‘Bbbbbbbb’, giggle, ‘Bbbbbbb’, Kaya giggles, combo ‘Bbbbbbb’, then girly giggles.

The BEST sound in the world.

You had lots of giggles today, your birthday. Forget presents, friends, and new toys, balloons were the big hit. Grunt-grunt-point, and now the start of words, “Boon! Boon!” Adorable first words.

There were lots of giggles at Gampa chasing you around the bouncy castle too. Also at all the kids, at your joy of walking, at new toys, at eating your ladybug cake. Okay maybe not at the cake. You were too busy devouring it, then grunting madly for more!

When I look back on this time, these are the things I will think of. Surrounded by a bubble of joy.

“When you wish someone joy, you wish them peace, love, prosperity, happiness… all the good things.” ~Maya Angelou

Continued Joy my love,

Forever and always,


A Walker!

You are full on walking now. 11 months you started now watch out!


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