Gwen Stefani’s Next Big Hit

Just when I think I my kids can not get any cooler than they already are, they go and do something that makes my infinite love for them, infinitely more. Which, scientifically speaking, is not entirely possible. But in my world, with my girls, so not a big deal.

Now, I hope you’re not waiting for some earth shattering event. No cures for cancer or tests of genius scores.

Just a girly girl who wears a twirly dress to a party then at some point between me kissing her ‘good nap’ and her falling asleep, she dons her Thomas engineer hat.

Just a girly girl who decides randomly one day to be Spiderman. For the whole day.

Jusy a girly girl who can hold her own at an all boy birthday party-getting tackled in the bouncy castle, playing trucks and enjoying a little hockey-without a moment’s discomfort.

Just a girly girl who has a doll named Ally that she re-discovers today.

“Her name is Ally but I like to call her ‘Ally-en’.”

Like Alien. But she’s made it Ally-en. How cool is that?!

Just a girly girl who, while playing  princess, prince and dragon, builds a garden next to the castle with a door to the outhouse. Then proceeds to spend 90% of the time pretend playing potty-time. She then demands mommy bring bad dragons and monsters to the outhouse, insists I sound scary, then squeals a classic girly scream, followed up with a not-so-classic ‘SPOOF-YAH!’ I play along and send the monsters flying away in fear at such a horrific spell. Later I ask her what SPOOF-YAH! means. She reports that it makes the scawy monsters jump into the pee and poop. Alrighty then.

Just a girly girl indeed.


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