Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. It calls for BBQ’s, beer and most definitely a slip n’ slide.

So can you tell me why I am typing this inside, clothed in jeans and long sleeves, looking out at low, dark gray clouds? The temperature is that of April, maybe May. The gloom, that of February.

I am trying to stay positive. We have seen a LOT of rainbows in the last month.

But I have a closet full of cute girly summer dresses just begging for the sun. Without the depressing addition of long sleeves and tights underneath please.


When Kaya was 11 months old I set her up outside with paint and paper for her first art. I remember it as a wonderful day. Smiles, giggles and some really beautiful artistry.

So of course I want the same with Brennyn as she is now 11 months old too.

Since it’s too chilly outside (yes, that’s a shot at you summer), we set up indoors this time. It starts out promising:

But quickly turns into an orange blubbering disaster. Paint in mouth. Mom frantically sweeping mouth. Let’s try green then shall we.

More paint in mouth. More sweeping of mouth. Screams this time. Anger. Painting Sucks.

She slams the paper a few times. In protest of me denying her such colourful, tasty treats. But it looks like art.

Sort of.

If you ignore the orange claw print as she desperately attempts to get away, in all honesty the two pictures don’t look all that different.

Kaya’s Art 2007

Brennyn’s Protest 2010

But the way I look at them sure does.

One, a beautiful ‘first’ filled with creativity and joy.

The other, a desperate mom with unrealistic expectations of what this moment would be.

But you know what? At the end of the day, both masterpieces make me smile.

In their own way.


One thought on “Expectations

  1. Where the heck is our summer?? Totally ripped off this year for sure! So cute to see Baby Kaya!
    This post reminds me of one of mine called Capturing the Works of Art. I totally had such high expectations for Kam’s paintings! It was brutal for me. Just like you said, at the end of the day, Kamille created something that was genuine at the time for her.
    ; )

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