Dad’s Day

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for cuddles and kisses. For bubbly bubble baths, teaching me to ride, reading me books and happily playing prince and princess with me. Thank you for making me dinner and letting me have more rice than veggies. Thank you for tucking me in and letting me visit you while you work. Thank you for laughing a lot. Thank you for telling me I am beautiful and smart and funny. Thank you for airplane rides and upside down giggle-a-thons. Thank you for piggy back rides and letting me ride on your shoulders too. Thank you for silly songs and toe-topping dances. Thank you for the twirls- so many twirls!

I love you Daddy. I love you as many stars fill the sky.

That’s a lot of love. Like 23.

Love for always,

Your girl,

Your lil buddy,

Your Kaya

Skipping Rocks with Dad



Dear Dada,

Uh (said as a grunt) then a point, up, up, up to Daddy.

Biiiiiigggggg Smiles! And another grunt. A joyful one.

With love and big, open mouthed slobber kisses of delight,

Your Miss B.

Points to Get Her 'Point' Across


In our town, on Father’s Day there is a kids bike rice (The Mini Metal) to coincide with the big kids bike rice the day before (The Test of Metal). The kids race is a bit haphazard and chaotic. Slightly over the edge of safe but in a good way. There is speed and cheering and maybe even a cowbell or two. There are an awful lot of smiles. Giggles too. And yes, maybe a few tears. But always a dad to scoop them up and encourage them to get back up again and GO!

It is very much a Father’s Day-style bike ride for kids.

A mom’s day one would probably end up being a little more civilized. More organized. More order. More boring truth be known. So it is, on Father’s Day, mamma’s give up a little control and let their kids fly. With daddies jogging beside, keeping the fleet cruising. And laughing. Competing. And, well, racing. That’s what we’re here for after all.

Family Bike Ride to Watch the Test of Metal Riders Take Off

The Test of Metal Riders

Start of 3-4 (to 5) hours of riding. Ugh.

Starting Line of the Mini Metal!

Start of 1 hour of biking (which feels like 3-4-5...) lol!


Daddy and his Girls

A great day for the greatest dad. Love you!


One thought on “Dad’s Day

  1. Awesome notes to Daddy! Love Miss B’s pointing finger photo!
    Great TOM photos! Mine didn’t turn out so great. Bummer.
    What a great weekend we all had, eh!

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