When there is a death, you can not help but appreciate all the life, all the growth.

One year ago, Kaya was beyond thrilled to visit Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas came back to town this year and though I vowed not to pay the exorbitant fee to attend again, Kaya’s excitement and Gammy’s wallet convince me to go. I’m glad I did because I am struck at just how much has changed in that one year. How much has grown. (Though thankfully, my belly did the reverse.)



Then there is the other one. The other one whose name we didn’t even know at this time last year.

From snug inside my lil (okay-ginormous…) belly last year, to cruising along in a flurry of walking. It leaves me in shock and awe (which is what shock and awe should be.)

Oh how things change. Last years sweltering summer weather turned this years variable spring conditions. Last year I could not see my toes, this year it is too cold to expose my toes. Here, a horrible picture of the three of us aboard Thomas.

2010 brings a much better picture and the knowledge that we three are ‘The Girls’.

Then there are things that have not changed at all. Lemonade stealer!



And this year, Brenny wants in on the action too.

At the end of both years, I have to capture the ‘Sign Shot’. Both years, there is no cooperation!

2009 with tarps, fences and Kaya not looking or smiling.

Then this year Kaya tries to cooperate. Only Brenny has other plans!

Setting Up...

Brenny Takes Off

Baby Got Back!

Seriously, Get Back Here Brenn-Brenn!

Got Her!

But, She's Off Again!


And movement.

Moving on.

There are things to do.

Life to live.

Damn, kids are good teachers…


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