Pinkity Pink Green

Yes, I am going there. Pink.

Listen, even with 4 out of 5 of us (dog included) being girls in the house, we have not been inundated with pink. We have a green tutu. A Spiderman costume for dress up. Purple PJ’s are our fave. And Blue is Kaya’s favourite colour (most days). Lately though, Pink has entered our lives. And you know what? We’re loving it!

The pink phase may or may not have coincided with getting the book Pinkalicious. Regardless, we have the book and WE LOVE IT! (I just found out there is a musical! A MUSICAL?! It must come to Vancouver. MUST!)

Lately, it has been hands-down Kaya’s favourite, and both Bal and I have read it about 4 billion times each. Seriously. Oddly, I have not even got sick of it. It is just that cute.

Today it rained for the first time in a while so we decided to make it a craft and baking day. First we needed a quick run to the grocery store for organic strawberries and honey, then back home and a surprise for Kaya. We are making Pinkalicious Muffins! I should have had the video camera out for that moment because WOW! Those big brown eyes glimmered. That smile delighted. Her squeal musical.

I am not good in the kitchen. I downright suck. But baking with my girl, well that is heaven.

We are measuring everything out and dumping in the bowl when it occurs to me that we probably need to mix the dry and wet stuff separately. Oops. Ours is a big pile-oh-everything and we do not care! We mix and dip in our fingers and mix some more. The grand finale consists of a dopple of red dye with loads of giggles (in our excitement, we forget the vanilla and lemon zest). But since Pink and Giggles are known remedies to shoddy baking techniques, I am confident our muffins will turn out just perfect. And they do.

I suppose you have spotted the sprinkles? We could NOT have Pinkalicious muffins without sprinkles. That would be just ludicrous. Because sprinkles are FUN and so are we! We have even decided to write our own book. The Sprinkalicious book.

Now, if you have read Pinkalicious (which you should), you know that eventually she needs to eat green. That is Brenny’s job today:

And Riley’s too. They work in combo.

Speaking of green, I mentioned it was baking and craft day. Thank goodness for this green wonder:

Ah yes, Craft Caravan how I love you. $10 or so a month and a new craft in this green envelope gets sent to your kid. It is not so much the craft itself that is worth the money, but the ingenious ideas and convenience of having everything ready to go. Plus they inspire me with new ideas and activities to do with Kaya. It breaks me out of the routine and makes me think of things in a new way.

Like this months craft was making baby animals. Which prompted me to remember that farms are in birthing season right now and we had not visited Maplewood Farms in far too long. We go and see baby goats, sheep, chicks and ducks. We feed bunnies and marvel at horses. We jump up and down with joy at the donkey because, while Pinkalicious is our favorite book, The Winky Wonky Donkey is our favourite rhyme. On our way out she spots the tricycle-style tractors for rent so I had to promise her we’d bring Daddy back next time and she could ride it. What I didn’t tell her was there is a baby donkey to be born soon. Are you kidding me? Mini tractor rides and baby donkey’s? We look forward to another visit next month!

So that was yesterday, and today we craft the baby animals. We glue and glue while she talks and talks all about the baby animals we saw yesterday. The horse is first. The sheep second. The cow was to come third but Kaya decides she wants her sheep to have four eyes. And the nose becomes a belly button. She cut up the cows legs into teeny tiny black blobs. She’s a visionary.Adorable.

Who says rainy days are ‘boring’?


2 thoughts on “Pinkity Pink Green

  1. Lovin’ that first photo of Kaya!
    Funny, I still have the original email that you sent out about Camp Caravan back in the day..and the site is saved in my bookmarks on my laptop.
    I have a big craft box for Kamille (as I was once a big time crafter and I have oodles of leftovers), but your post about having crafts delivered to your door sound like A LOT of fun!

    I love fun mail + I love crafts = Still gonna keep it in mind!

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