Kaya Tell All

I have too many random little Kaya ditties floating about. So here, a compilation of my 3.5-year-old:

On Sisters:

Kaya has a pink blankie from when she was born. It is her blankie. That special one that we dare not forget lest she not sleep for an entire vacation. When Brennyn was born I wanted to get her the same type blankie but in a different colour. She got purple. Before long, Kaya decided she too wanted a purple blankie. I told her no. She then asked for a blue one so the Easter Bunny brought her one. She was happy for about one week taking both her blue and pink one to bed with her. Then I noticed she would lay the blue one with Brennyn and sneak the purple one out.

One impatient day, I demand “That’s Brennyn’s blankie! Stop stealing it!”

She looks at me indignantly “Well, we can buy it from Brennyn and then it will be my blankie!”

This makes me laugh so hard that negotiations ensue and we all agree on a trade. Kaya gets Brennyn’s purple blankie. Brennyn gets the blue blankie. There has been peace ever since and on really good days, Kaya will share the oh-so-special purple blankie, which Brennyn could care less about but adores the big sister attention at any rate.


“Do you want to go to Hannah’s today?” I redundantly ask Kaya.

“Yay!!!!” she squeals jumping up and down.

“Okay, Brennyn is going to have a nap and then we will go okay?”

“Or…” she implores “we can leave Brennyn here?”

On Jokes:

“Look Mom! It’s a Unicorn!”

“Or is it a pony?” I ask confused since it is a My Little Pony.

“Hmmm,” she ponders “Well it’s got a corn…”

“Hahahahahaha, IT’S NOT A CORN! IT’S A HORN!!! I’m funny!”


Kaya is eating dinosaur cookies.

“What is this mom?”


“Stegosaurus?” she chomps its head off.

“Now what is it?”

Trying my hand at preschool humour, “Well now he must be Tailosaurus!”


Then her mischievous grin appears. She chomps down on the tail, chews, then:

“Now he’s Notailosaurus!!”

Giggle, giggle, hardy, har, har!

On Getting Too Big For Her Own Good:

One morning a week, me and the girls have a lazy, loungy one. Gauging the moods of all of us, sometimes cartoons get turned on for the girls (“I’m so happy to watch toons…” said with puppy dog eyes) , sometimes Ellen gets turned on for me. The other morning I turned it to Busytown Mystery and Kaya starts pouting. “I don’t want to watch this one. Can you turn on Ellen please?” I hadn’t even realized she knew who Ellen was. I happily start changing it to Ellen when Kaya encourages, making sure I change it to the right place, “Not Oprah Mom. Ellen. Ellen is like funny and she likes to dance!” Didn’t know she knew Oprah either…

On Singing:

I am folding laundry in the hall. Brennyn is napping and Kaya is flitting about her room being a fairy or princess or maybe even Spiderman. Then I hear some rhythm. “And then it goes back. And then it goes back…” What is she saying I wonder. It sounds so familiar! I stop and listen more.

“When I get older, I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back
And then it goes back”

She’s singing K’naan? Seriously? I totally thought I had a few more years before singing the latest hits behind closed doors. Could be worse I suppose. Could be ‘Your Love is my Drug’ by Ke$ha.

On Story Telling:

Kaya climbs into bed with me. I am reading a book so she grabs a book at the bedside table and decides she wants to read to me. The book chosen? Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha. You know, some light reading!

She opens up the page, demands I close my book, and begins:

This is a story about happy ghosts. Not mad ones. I like happy ones.

The happy ghost sees his friends. He is happy.

With crinkled nose and spooky voice, she continues flipping pages and carries on,

Then the ghost is scaaawy- booooo- and his friends run away.

Then the ghost is happy. Because he is smiling.

Then he is scaaaaaaawwwwyyyyy! He is scawy because he is a ghost but he is sad because he wants to be happy.

The ghost gets a gold medal. And sometimes jumps over Crocodile Lake.

Pause. Pause. Pause. Nothing else seems to be happening.

“Great story! Time for a bath now.”

“No! I am not done!”

Flip, flip, flip…

The happy ghost finds his friends and they are all happy and having a party.

They have a camping party.

They look at the stars.

They do not sleep beside Crocodile Lake.


The book is slammed shut and happily ever after, we splish splash in the tub.


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