Follow-Up to Last Post

While feeding Brennyn her lunch today, I had an overwhelming desire for my Grandma to be alive. She always loved a good conversation about the weather and what we were eating. I so wanted to tell her Brenny was chowing down on tofu while I fed her a quinoa, avocado mush. I can imagine the deafening silence as she processed what the hell I was talking about. Though in reality I guess she would have ignored me and asked then about the weather, in my imaginings she would retort,

“Is that Korean for pigs ass and cabbage?”

Funny how you miss somebody so much in those very simple, everyday life experiences.


3 thoughts on “Follow-Up to Last Post

  1. I know that you’ve mentioned your Grandma a few times on your blog, Kari. I have fond memories of her as well. Every Christmas I think of “Santa’s birds” pooping on the lips of pouting children and I think of your Grandma. 🙂

    She definitely had a way with words and a heart of gold. I think that she was such a strong presence and influence in your life while you were growing up, that she ended up being strong memory in mine.

    I’m sorry to hear that she passed away.

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