Lunch is Served

When it comes to feeding my children, we provide fairly healthy foods. It’s all relative though isn’t it? Compared to the folks in Jamie Oliver’s A Food Revolution, we are psycho health nuts. But I would say there are loads of families way healthier than us. We eat lots of organic food though price still plays a factor in picking organic or not. We try to eat more local options though if there’s a sale on the other stuff, I’ll get the other stuff. I stay away from microwavable dishes, preservatives and sugar laden food as much as possible. Kaya has never had a pop, though she has recently acquired a taste for daddy’s iced tea. We never have candy in the house but we will have chips. I won’t buy kids yogurts or apple sauces or fruit snacks unless they are of the all natural variety and sadly, those are hard to come by. But then, occasionally, I will cook up a box of KD for lunch. Toxic, neon orange crud mixed with noodles. Yum. *sigh*

I have a standing once a month date with Kaya for pancakes at McDonald’s play area (though I may scratch that now that we’re headed to summer and don’t need to hide from the rain.) We probably eat fast food twice a month other than that. And one pizza night. Is this the norm? I’m not sure.

But then I think back when I was a kid. Organic and whole grain were not even registered as a thought. Avocado’s considered exotic. Quinoa, hummas, eggplant, kale, couscous and edamame an entirely foreign language. All of this stuff now, are commonly added to my shopping list. Gladly added I should add. Not like brussel sprouts at Thanksgiving dinner.

I have a moment of anxiety today as I pour that fluorescent orange mystery powder into the noodles (not even the whole wheat ones). “Bad Mom!” a part of me screams. But then I stir up the the quinoa on the other stove burner and realize that I am doing okay. My girls are healthy and thriving. An occasional pot of KD or ramen noodles is not lethal. So I stir it all up, serve Kaya her KD with organic apple slices then mix Brennyn’s quinoa with non-organic bananas and yogurt*. Happy compromise, full girls and a mom who doesn’t feel so bad after all.

*Quinoa Banana Mash recipe care of the absolutely fabulous! Love them~ especially for their Banana Bites and Red Hummus and daily lunch ideas.


2 thoughts on “Lunch is Served

  1. Oh, I am soooooo glad that I am not the only mom in Squamish that is yanking the KD off the shelf and burying it under all my other groceries! ; )

    This post is exactly me – especially the reflections of being a kid.
    However, we were never allowed KD or Zoodles and the day I moved out I filled my cupboards with them…and Mini Wheats too!

    All in moderation and keeping a good balance. Just like us and I think we’re doing good!

    : )

  2. Agreed!

    I shudder to think how many boxes of KD and packs of ramen I ate in college… Makes me wonder what Kaya will gravitate towards when she moves out. Dora fruit roll ups and Fruit Loops probably… lol!

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