A Mamma’s Day Recap

Not really in the mood to write but also do not want to forget what a special Mother’s day I had. My first as a mom to two. So here instead, my Mother’s Day Top 10 in 2010

  1. Accomplished goal to run entire Sun Run (no pitstops or walk breaks), even up the steep hill to Burrard bridge which was much steeper in my head than was the reality. Finished in 1 hour 4 minutes which was cool since I was predicting more like 1 hour 10 minutes. It’s hard to judge my pace time since my calculations are all from trail runs. Road runs– much faster.
  2. My fellow runners making me weep. Moms running with their kids (or in absence of kids, balloons and flowers from the kids) Kids roadside with big I LOVE YOU MOM! signs. Dads with young kids waiting and cheering for mom at the finish line (including and best of all- Mine!) The dude all wrapped up like a mummy with a sign saying ‘Happy Mummy’s Day!’ Oh, but then there was my favorite couple. Crossing Burrard, I pass them and the guy is yelling “I don’t want to be fighting with you! I really DO NOT WANT TO BE RUNNING THE FUCKING SUN RUN! What the hell are we even doing here? THIS IS STUPID!!!”
  3. Presents from my girls. Who doesn’t love presents! Especially ones that I bought myself.
  4. Handmade cards by my artist!Love that she ran out of room so looped it around then went to the top for ‘day’. Priceless.I ask why he’s sleeping and she gets all indignant “Because he’s tired” Like, duh. Of course. She also tells me I run by him and over a puddle.
  5. A stunning canvas art piece made at preschool.
  6. Lunch in the city, on a patio, under blue skies which my Dad paid for… Could it get better?
  7. Why yes it could. Step-mom ordered a Caesar which I hadn’t had in, oh, years, so ordered one too and it was the BEST DRINK EVER!
  8. Two gorgeous girls, both fast asleep on the whole car ride home. Yes!
  9. Late afternoon nap. No interruptions.
  10. Lou and his fellow Canucks winning and dominating game 5! 2 more wins boys. 2 more wins…

One thought on “A Mamma’s Day Recap

  1. I was checking in to see how your run went…..
    Way to be Kari! 1 hour 4 mins is awesome for your first run!
    Pat on your back.
    I also got a gorgeous canvas painting – of a bear. Love it!

    Happy Mother’s Day to us!


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