Little Muddy, Lotta Sluggy

So far, my favorite app by far for my iPhone is RunKeeper. Running is cool by itself. All that health and fitness and destruction of knee caps. But the RunKeeper allows me to map, track and time myself. Which allows for intense competitive spirit. With myself. And that is for the best since it allows only for me to be annoyed/bitter/pissy at me. But then the other me wins so my ego is placated. Me always wins. Yay me!

Some people like having other people to motivate you. That works on RunKeeper too. I am browsing through my recommended StreetTeam members in case I ever tire of patting myself on the back (after a smuck upside the head by loser me) and I am struck by their graphs. Smooth, rolly well-paced runs. Most people, it would seem, are road runners then. My graph looks like Bill Clinton taking a polygraph with Monica under the table. Erratic would be being polite.

RunKeeper would be wise to add a Trail Running category. Living on the westcoast, my runs are through the trails where I have, in the past few weeks alone, encountered fallen logs, a beaver, MUD, puddles, bear poop, dog ambush, and out-of-control mountain bikers. Today was all about playing an intense game of Slug Dodge- the point to avoid, not place, a direct hit. I lose.

But that’s okay for it inspires me to create a song or kids book or phone app or something. The Slug Groove. It’s the next big thing. Or at the very least, passes a good 7 minutes of run time in what feels like 30 seconds. Sweet!

In no time, I make it back home. If I beat my last time, I stare lovingly at my stats and blog about it (here I am now blogging about it- Hell yes!) and if I do not, I browse my apps, open Angry Birds or Taptap Ninja and vent. Well, for the 32 odd seconds it takes Kaya to realize I’m playing games and insists upon playing that ‘Rainbow Dora One!’

So me doesn’t always win after all.


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