Give Her a Great Big Kiss

Days that Kaya is in daycare, usually means ‘work’ days for me; cleaning, laundry, shopping. Accomplishing these tasks is just easier with one child. Unless that child is having a bad day. Or, as it turns out, having a really, really good one.

It didn’t take much for Brennyn to convince me to abandon any and all chores yesterday. One smile really. And a giggle to seal the deal. Then it was all  about being fully, completely immersed in each delicious moment with her.

It was not a day of momentous occasions. No first steps or words or video sure to wow YouTube. It was a day of moments. Glorious, squishy, juicy moments.

Walking with just one finger grasp and eyes imploring “You got me Mom?” You bet I do girl, you bet I do.

Then pride at using the walker all by her self. (Mommy too is proud. So proud and excited I couldn’t keep the camera still for a non-blurry shot!)

Later we roll in a pile of clean towels and Brennyn initiates a game of peekaboo by crawling into the bathroom, closing the door on me, then ever so slowly, creating anticipation, opens it with a squeal and a giggle then hands clapping. She loves to cheer.

Like later in the day as I watch her daddy yell “Woohoo!!” and raises his hands in the air. There is no hockey game on, nothing else to cheer so far as I can tell. Until I see Brennyn’s eyes watching, calculating, then yelling ‘Aaahhhh!’ as her lil hands follow his and wave in the air. Obviously the whole family cheering for the Canucks has inspired her cheerleader skills.

Brenny has a way of letting you know she is being let out of the action.  She doesn’t get mad. She does not try to divert attention. She just looks. Piercingly stares with eyes that just talk to you. Eye language that has the unreal ability to translate seamlessly. You know what she wants, she knows you know, and you are left with no choice but to teach her. This girl can hold her own. Yes, nine months wise my girl.

Part of it is her social nature. She wants to be immersed in the action. Which also makes her a remarkable sharer. On this day of moments, I am struck looking back on it, how often she wanted to share, to build relationships. Her food is offered to my mouth. Her toys become my toys. One block for her, one block for me- she insists. Now if only she could use the power of her eye language to translate to her sister the meaning of ‘sharing’!

Along with lots of mushy rice crackers, I also have the pleasure of ingesting bountiful amounts of Brenny baby kisses. There is nothing in the world better than a baby kiss. All that gummy, slippery, sloppy, open-mouthed slobber of love. Then even though your first instinct is to wipe that drool away, you see the pride in your baby’s eyes knowing she did something really grown up and adorable and all you can do is go in for another. And another. And another. Moment to moment to moment.

Thank you for a really special day Brenny Claire Bear.


2 thoughts on “Give Her a Great Big Kiss

  1. How excited is she? Walking with her walker! Oh Brenny! How quickly you are growing.
    The Video is adorable! Kissy girl!
    Love Gammy

  2. Oh, I just had a good catch up with your blog!
    Lovin’ the photos! Brennyn is super cute with her walker.
    I cannot believe that Kaya doesn’t like chocolate! What????
    We have the Deceptively Delicious cookbook too, but I have never tried the cookies. You’ll have to let me know if they are any good.

    Shlumpadinka Chic is a good vent made pretty with some gorgeous tulips! I am glad that you still see all the GREAT in life! It really is great, isn’t it?!

    Kaya’s artwork is seriously priceless! Her people are incredible and really they do tell the story! Kamille made one great piece the other day that I have photo’ed and might talk about in a post that I am working on. Stay tuned!

    Nice work on the running still too!

    As for your recent comments to me – yes, I do and did watch Parenthood this past Tuesday. I am LOVIN’ it. I loved those teen girl scenes and although I have made a living counselling teens and helping parents with their teens, I am desperately afraid of what might happen still! I guess if I just use my advice that I give, I can hopefully trust that all will fall into place in a good way!

    Thanks for the share!
    Nice to catch up with you – even if its electronically!


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