After re-reading my last post, I wanted to slap myself upside the head because seriously, I have a good freakin life. Then my mom commented and she pretty much did slap me upside the head. Mom’s are good like that.

So yes, just like that, a little attitude shift, and life is beyond amazing. Take today. Rainy, non sleeping teething baby, antsy toddler and no groceries. Yesterday this would have made for another ‘blah’ day. But today, grocery shopping was a fun, giggly adventure. Today, we cozy up in the kitchen mixing, chopping, baking and recreating Jessica Seinfeld’s ‘Chocolate Chip Cookies with Chick Peas’ recipe. Kaya does not like chocolate, so I substitute it (grudgingly) with cranberries and almonds. The results are scrumpdiddlyicious and we eat them warm, before lunch. We’re just wild like that.

Lunch, nap, then one on one time with Brennyn. Until she is bored with me and crawls to her sisters door, plunks her bum there and grunts until I open the door. She darts for the bed, pulls herself up and peeks over the footboard grunting some more. Kaya stirs, lights go on and the fun begins. These times, with rejuvanated kids and afternoon light pouring in the window, are our time. Fun time. Bonding time. Silly time. The Best Time.

Have I mentioned that I just got an iPhone? Somewhere in my playing I came across this collage maker. I love playing with new photo programs!

Anyways, we play. And play, and play and play. Dollhouse, car garage, building blocks, music players, dancing, dolls and a stuffy audience cheering on our puppet theatre. We eye-spy. We hide-n-seek. In no time it looks like this and even worse around the corner:

(Taken with said iPhone!)

Before we know it, Bal is off work and I am off for a run. Even in the rain. The pouring rain. Because I realized my doldrums hit when I took a week off of running. I needed to get out for some exercise, even if brief. Off I go and no side stitch occurs. I think I was too busy jumping mud and puddles to let my head orchestrate an ailment. Near the end I come to a full and complete stop. There, in the stream beside me is a beaver! Swimming to its dam. Once Riley peeks around my legs the beaver halls ass (and tail) to its home so its a quick look, but a look nonetheless.

The final hoorah comes at the very end of my run. The rain has slowed and a burst of sun vaults out of the thick clouds. I hope for a rainbow since Kaya has yet to see one since learning that rain and sun make rainbows. She’s constantly pointing these two forces of nature out. We are, after all, living on the west coast in the spring. Lately, she has even hinted that our rainbow education was an out right lie.

The last time she saw one was the gas station. She yells from the backseat “RAINBOW!” and I quickly formulate a way to explain ‘pretty gas fume colours’ as opposed to ‘rainbow’ but she is right. Past the gas station, towards the estuary, a double rainbow. That’s the day her dad and I attempt an explanation of rainbows and we have not seen one since. So here the rain. Here the sun. Here my positive outlook on life and wishing for a rainbow that I can show my girl.

With rain downpouring once again, I make a final burst to my front door. Have I mentioned I have an iPhone? Because with it, my run is not complete until I go upstairs to the computer and check out my tracked GPS run. As I sit checking out my run’s distance, pace and elevation, a glimmer of colour out the window catches my eye.


She runs up the stairs, launches herself into my frantic arms and giggles as I point out the window.

“RAINBOW!!” she squeals.

Life is bloody fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. this is a side note to your blog – Kaya doesn’t like chocolate? neither does Max. Poor little guy tries to eat chocolate every once in a while because he knows it is a treat and thinks that he should like it. But sadly, no go and we have to find some other “treat” and I make gingersnap cookies instead 🙂

  2. Kaya tries it now and then too but always ends up with a scrunched up face and spitting it out. So wrong!

    Kaya’s treats are freezies and timbits 🙂 She doesn’t like ice cream either…

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